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Friday, March 1, 2013

Lone Star Learning TOS Review

I received the two following items for review:


What Is It? -

These are cards (intended for grades 3-8) for students to learn Science Vocabulary & Target (math) words by using the visual learning style.  The picture cards (which also contain the actual word) have an unique connection with the word and its image for the student to easily remember it. There are several sets in each the Target and ScienceThe Sets are not arranged by grade level, but there is a chart on the web site with the words listed on them so you can determine what set you will need according to level of your child/student(s). 

Each Set does include the proper definitions / meaning for each card.  This is like an answer card.

Target Vocabulary Pictures, Set 1 (math) -  
 Available in 2 sizes: 

Small size (as shown in picture) 5.5″ x 4.25″ - $29.99

Large size 11″ x 8.5″ - $34.99.

Available in 3 different Sets & a Primary.  

There are 50-56 cards in each set.  They are coated & brightly colored for an easy display of the math vocabulary presented visually to facilitate recall. 

"The Target Vocabulary Set 1 has been awarded the Learning® Magazine 2012 Teachers’ ChoiceSM Award; one of the most recognized awards in the educational market."   
as stated on the website.

One size, 5.5″ x 8.5″.  

Available in 4 Sets & Early grades K-2.

There are 40 cards in each set and they are also full color and coated.  The cards show the word and its meaning in picture form. 

What I Thought -

My son and I absolutely love these cards!   My son, who is 9 (4'th grade), used these cards 3-4 times per week until he memorized the meanings.  He struggles with reading and it was really neat how he could retain the image and that image triggered the meaning for him.  I loved how each set came with one card that had the full correct meanings for all the words so we had the 'scientific' explanation and not just the 'answer'.  I really like the way the website showed what words were in each set so you (as the parent or teacher) could decide which ones would benefit your student/child.  

Here are a few examples (also my favorites), in the Science Vocabulary Pictures, Set 1.   

The word 'conglomerate' means:  

"a number of different parts or things that are grouped together to form a whole but remain distinct entities".   

The word 'metamorphic' means:

"rock that has undergone transformation by heat, pressure, or other natural agencies".

These really are an ingenious way of teaching a child something that would otherwise be difficult for them to just memorize.  

We give this product a 2 thumbs up!


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