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Friday, February 17, 2017

If Only God Knew What I've Done........

I've heard people say that they are not worthy of the Lord's mercy, grace or love.  I agree, WE aren't.  

God sent Jesus to die for us on the cross.  Not because we were good, not because he owed us but because he loves us, wants us to be saved and wants us to join him in Heaven.  When sin entered the world, we changed.  The human race had sin.  We are born with sin.

That doesn't give us an excuse for sin, it's just how it is.

I am not worthy of his love.  I am not worthy of his protection.  I'be heard people say, "Well why would God forgive me.  I've done some bad things."  You know what?  We all have.  I have.  

I had someone tell me that they did something terrible, she had an abortion years ago.  She had asked for forgiveness.  I told her that she was forgiven and it's been forgotten.  See, the Lord doesn't hold grudges.  He doesn't think about our passed sins that we have been forgiven of.

Hebrews 8:12 says, "For I will forgive their wickedness
    and will remember their sins no more."

If you ask for forgiveness and truly repent, he forgives you and it is washed clean.  There are several times in the Bible where it talks about our sins being forgiven and washed away.  

If you are feeling that you are not worthy, you aren't. None of us are.  But the good news is, God loves us anyway, despite our past sins.

If you aren't 'saved', just follow the basic ABC's.

A - Accept Jesus Christ as your savior.

B - Believe that God sent his only son to die on the          cross for you.

C - Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord.

Just to know the Lord Jesus isn't enough.  You must have a personal relationship with him.  I have experienced God speak to me plain as day.  Than other times I may say, "Lord, is that you?"

Example:  We had just moved here to WV and I became friends with another nearby mom.  I was homeschooling one morning and the Holy Spirit told me to stop what I was doing and go clean her house and help her out.  At first I was like, "Lord is that you?"  The feeling was SO STRONG, I just couldn't let it go.  So I stopped what I was doing, gathered the boys up and we headed over there.  I thought to myself, "I hope she doesn't think I'm crazy".  When we got there, she opened the door and just looked at me.  I told her that God told me to come over here and give her a break.  She busted into tears and said she had been praying for someone to come help!  ow awesome is that?!

See, that little positive voice in your's called the Holy Spirit and it's from God.

If you are thinking, "Well, I'v done some bad things, God could never forgive me".  You are wrong.  He forgave Judas!  (Luke 22)  He even forgave the ones that beat him, hung him on the cross and mocked him!  (Luke 23:34)  Trust me, he will forgive you just as he did others and me.

God is a good God and when you start to trust him, live for him and praise him, your life will change....for the good.  That doesn't mean bad things won't happen.  I never once asked God why he gave me cancer because he didn't.  It is sin.  Sin in the world is why I had cancer.  Not because of MY sins, but because it's a sinful world. God said to me, "I am going to allow you to go through something (meaning cancer), you are going to be fine and I have your back".  (See my blog post - 'My Beginning of My Cancer Journey' post dated June 14, 2015)

 photo 130507195807_1_540x360.jpg

I wasn't scared.  Ever.  Even through Radiation treatments.  I had an overwhelming sense of PEACE that the Lord had given me.  I remember my people, friends, asking me, "How are you so calm and not worried at all?"  I told then, "Because God told me I'd be fine."

I don't know why I felt the need to blog about this.  Maybe it was the Holy Spirit, but whatever you have done, God will forgive you.  All you need to do is ask (repent) and it will be forgiven and forgotten.  

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Is There a Better Education Out There For My Kids?

Whether you are sick of school politics, unhappy with the public school system or just want to be in control of what your children are learning...............YES, there is possibly a better education out there.

Now before any of the public school teachers or supports start throwing tomatoes at me, I am not saying everyone should do what I'm about to suggest.  Just hear me out.  

I went to public school.  I turned out fine.  However, I want my children to not just get an education, but I want them to have a learning experience and have fun!

You may know what I'm about to say (hint: read my blog name), yes, homeschool.  

The definition of homeschooling is:  the education of children at home by their parents.

You have the option.  It is legal in all 50 states!  You have that right to want better for your children.  You may say to yourself, "My kids are doing fine in the public school system".  Well, they may be.  But have you ever asked them?  

No, I don't have a teaching degree, do you?  No, I didn't make straight A's in school, did you?  But I do have a diploma and I homeschooled 3 boys.  My oldest son is a correctional officer (age 20).  My middle son wanted to go to college (and not a community college, a university.  Not that there is anything wrong with a community college but I'm trying to make a point here).  I gave him a diploma and he entered his freshman year of college at age 16!  Excellent grades too!  I didn't go to college, but I homeschooled a child who is now in his second semester as a sophomore in college at the age of 18.  He will have his BA by the time he is 20 years old.  My youngest son is in homeschooling 8'th grade.  Actually a little "unschooling", but that's for a different blog post. ;)

Before you think to yourself that you can't possibly homeschool because you and your spouse work full time, get that out of your head.  You can.  Does your teen need a babysitter?  No.  You just need to delegate and follow up.  Honestly, it's not hard.  Give your teen some credit, they may surprise you.

I came across this video today on youtube from Tedx.  The video talks about taking your teens OUT OF SCHOOL.  Really, it's not a "so they can play video games all day", but really, watch the video and think about it.

I remember being in school (jr. high esp.) feeling miserable.  I hated it!  No, I wasn't bullied, no I wasn't failing and yes I had a lot of friends.  I just hated the social crap, the learning stuff that I will never use in my lifetime and the stupid rules that didn't make sense to me.  When my mom would ask me if I was ok, I said 'yes'.  But I wasn't.  I hated school.  If she would have watched this video and came to me with the concept, I would accepted!

If you are thinking about homeschooling high school, I have done several blog posts about it.  One of my favorites is posted on Feb. 27,2016.  (You can search that date in the search bar on my blog.)

So if you are seeing a change in your child, or want something different that the standard education in the public schools, think outside the box...........homeschool.

Disclaimer:  PLEASE know your states homeschool laws.  I mentioned that it is legal in all 50 states, but each state has their own set of laws.  For more info, you can visit HSLDA to inquire of your state laws for homeschooling.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Beauty Empire Wig Review

The wig I will be reviewing today is a 

Bobbi Boss (aka Boss Wig)
called Layla M972
color is TTVVORC.

Hello!  Let's get right into it!

The Packaging:

The wig comes in a plastic box like this with a piece of cardboard keeping it in place inside the package.  

 photo 20170208_121908.jpg

Below is the information tag it comes with.  It has care instructions on the back and the company name, style number, color number, and picture on the front.  This wig is heat resistant.  (The heat resistant symbol is in the right top corner of the tag as seen below.)

 photo 20170208_150625.jpg

It comes with protective netting around the wig to keep the shape and style.

 photo 20170208_122014.jpg

This is the wig pulled right out of the box. No tangles or any kinks at all.  The curls are in place perfectly, just like the picture on the web site and card insert.

 photo 20170208_122038.jpg

Cap Construction:

This is a full cap wig.  There is NO lace at all.  There are no combs either.  It does have some adjustable straps in the back to keep the wig secure.  (I usually place a few bobby pins in it for extra security, but it's not necessary.)

 photo 20170208_122054.jpg

This is the inside front of the wig.  I would say that the cap is a medium size.  I have a small head so I tightened it to the smallest setting and it fit well.

 photo 20170208_122057.jpg

Texture and Part:

There is a right side part on the wig that has a natural curve. Even thought there are ear tabs, you could shift the wig for a center part if you wish, but it is made to be a right side part.

 photo 20170208_122113.jpg

The wig is synthetic and the texture is a little yaki, very thick (and I mean THICK) and there is a whole lot of hair!  Very nicely made and it is gorgeous!  The cut is all one length except the front has one (long) layer.  You could cut the front into side swiped bangs if desired, but it is really pretty the way it comes.  I won't be doing anything to the bangs at all.

The beautiful color has burgundy, purple and I think a tint of blue in it!  It comes in several different colors to choose from.

This is the front view.

 photo 20170208_122611.jpg

Here is the back view.  It comes down to being a little short of my bra strap in the back.  (I am 5'2")

 photo 20170208_122634.jpg

This is in the natural sunlight.  You can really see the colors here!

 photo 20170208_145301.jpg

This is the wig after I brushed it out with a soft brush.  Oh my goodness you guys, it is GORGEOUS!  There isn't any frizz after being brushed out.

 photo 20170208_150618.jpg

This wig was sent to me by a company called
 Beauty Empire out of Houston, TX.  

 photo 20170208_152005.jpg

I received this super fast, only 3 days!  It came USPS.   

The price of this wig is $26.99 (plus shipping)
(Note:  On my Facebook video of this wig I mentioned that the sticker was $34.99, however the web site does say $26.99)

 photo 20170208_160835.jpg

Click HERE to inquire about this wig.

My Personal Opinion:

This wig is awesome!  So FULL and thick!  I've wanted this color in my hair for a while but was so afraid to color my bio hair in fear of messing it up or not getting the color right. The wig is very well made.  This is my first time getting a wig from this company, Beauty Empire, but I will definitely be recommending them to others.  Their prices are very reasonable and they have great customer service!  Bottom line, I am very happy with this wig!

 photo 20170208_123348.jpg

Seriously you guys, buying a wig is a great way to experiment with different colors & cut/styles without harming your bio hair.  It's also so much fun to have waist length hair one day and a bob the next.  I think this summer, I'm going to explore some blonde shades!  ;)  So if you were on the fence of purchasing your first wig or looking for your next wig...........go for it!  What are you waiting for?  

A big THANK YOU to Beauty Empire for the opportunity to review this beautiful wig for them!  

Disclaimer:  I was sent this wig in exchange for my honest review.   I always give my honest opinion on the items I review.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Wig care

Now that you have purchased your first wig, how do you take care of it?  

When you aren't wearing your wig, you need to keep it either on a wig head or in the plastic bag it comes in.  This way, it will keep their style and not tangle.  

 photo 20170204_133631.jpg

I don't have any wig heads so I put them back into their plastic bag (with the info. card) and place it in my closet. (AIso, wig heads take up a lot of room.)  Make sure you comb the wig out with a wide tooth comb before bagging them for storage.

You can get away with wearing your wig for several days before you will need to wash it depending on the weather (heat).  I always wear a wig cap.  This does protect your hair, as well as your wig.  You will know when it needs to be washed because it will start to feel 'dry'.  The ends may start to get 'fuzzy' too.  

To wash the wig:

*  First want to comb through it with a wide tooth comb to get all the tangles out.  

*  Then, fill your sink with warm water.  I then place the wig in the water and saturate it.  

*  I take my shampoo (the same cheap shampoo I use on my own hair, lol) and place a generous amount on my hands and work it through the wig just as if I was washing my own hair. 

 photo 20170204_133712.jpg

I then place it in the sink again and swish it around to get the shampoo out.  

*  I then drain the sink, fill it up again with cold water.  I use a generous amount of conditioner on the wig by working it through the wig without rubbing.  I let the conditioner sit on the wig (especially the ends) for a few minutes.  Then I place the wig in the sink and let it soak for a few more minutes.  You can also add Downy to the cold water during rinse.  It will condition and make the wig smell fresh as well.

 photo 20170204_133731.jpg

*  I then drain the sink and squeeze as much as the water out of the wig.  I place the wig on a folded towel and roll the towel tightly to squeeze more water out.  DO NOT RUB the wig or the towel with the wig in it, you will create tangles. 

 photo 20170204_133608.jpg

*  Take the wig and turn it inside out.  Hang it on a plastic clothes hanger and place it in the shower or somewhere to dry.  Do not comb out the wig while wet!  You will break the fibers and damage your synthetic wig.  (As far human hair wigs, I don't own any so I can't give you any tips on that.  You can look on Youtube for that info.)

*  After the wig is dry, you can turn the wig right side out and comb it gently with a wide tooth comb.  

This process brings the wig back to life and looks new again. In between washes, you can also spray with Febreze (or any kind of room deodorizer) or place a dryer sheet in the bag with the wig when stored.  

There isn't any set time frame on how long your wig will last. Some last longer than others.  The ones that I buy are cheaper wigs and may only last me a few months.  But if you take care of them (store & wash them properly) they should last a while.  In my opinion, if they only last 2 months, that's fine by me.  It's still cheaper to buy a $15 wig every 2 months than go to the salon.  lol.


I will be doing my first wig review for a company called 
Beauty Empire so keep watch!  

*Update* on homemade laundry detergent!

   A year ago (Feb. 22, 2016) I blogged about making homemade laundry detergent (powder).  I wanted to give an update on how that is going.

   It didn't last the 2 years like I was hoping, but in all fairness, I used double the amount it said too.  The recipe called for 1 tbs. of detergent and I over heaped my 2 tbs. scoop.  I didn't do this because 1 tbs wasn't getting the clothes clean, I was just in a hurry.  (On the really heavy muddy loads I did double up to make sure the mud came out.)

  When I ran out, I purchased some liquid stuff from the store and I had forgotten how much this stuff costs, the large amount I had to use for each load and how fast it went!  So I decided to make another homemade batch.  I had everything I needed to make a new batch except for the fact I was short 1 bar of soap.  (The recipe is below.  To see the directions, pics and the 'how to', go to my blog post dated Feb. 22, 2016.)  So I asked my mom if she had a bar of Ivory soap.  She didn't, but had a Zest bar.  So I used the Zest bar with the 2 Ivory bars instead.  It smelled amazing due to the Zest!  However, I broke out!  I was itchy and had a lot of irritation so I gave that batch to her and just made another one today with the 3 bars of Ivory.  You may be able to use other soaps but for some reason I couldn't.  I'm not usually one to break out over things.  I've never had sensitive skin before.

1 box of Borax 
1 box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda 
3 bars of Ivory soap 
(Cost:  approx. $12)

Anyway, I just wanted to update you on the laundry soap topic. Did anyone else try this?  I know when I posted it on my FB page I had a lot of feedback on using this.  Our local homeschool group did a demonstration on homemade products and this was a big hit.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Capsule Wardrobe .... well, kind of.

I've spend some time reading about Minimalism and one of the many chats is about creating a capsule wardrobe.  A capsule wardrobe is minimal wardrobe composed of 30 to 40 high-quality, versatile items that will meet your needs for a given time amount of time.  The challenge I tried to achieve was the 333 challenge.  You create a capsule wardrobe of 33 pieces and us only those items for 3 months.

Well, I love clothes!  But I'm not a mall junkie or online shopping junkie.  I am a thrift store junkie!  I love free or super cheap clothes.  It's like a rush for me to find great yard sale finds of nice clothes.  But, I live in a world where my closet is scary.  I have tons of stuff that I have only worn once or twice or are old and I don't want to get rid of.  Well, today is the day of a clean, organized and minimal closet!!

Here is the clean, empty closet I started with this morning.  I took everything out of it and piled it on my bed and floor.  Now I use my closet for storage as well so some things must go back in that are not clothes; I just purged clothes today.  (I should have taken a 'before' pic, but honestly, it wasn't pretty.)

 photo 20170111_090816.jpg

My bed was full of clothes!  I couldn't believe how much stuff I really had in there!

 photo 20170111_090823.jpg

I went through each piece on the bed and asked myself, "Have I worn this in the past 6 months or year?" or "Does this still fit?" and "Is there any rips or stains?"

For the stained things, I pitched.  The things I said NO to, I put in piles to give away.  I was a little overwhelmed at first I cannot lie.  But it really didn't take me that long.  I'd say about 3 hours to go through everything, pack in bags to give away, and rehang.  

Here are my piles of clothes to get rid of.

 photo 20170111_102326.jpg

 photo 20170111_102337.jpg

 photo 20170111_102358.jpg

Here is the finished product.  Now, there are 34 pieces hanging in there.  This doesn't count accessories (purses, shoes, scarves, etc.), a pair of scrubs, a bathrobe, my wedding dress and jeans.  Living on a farm, I need my jeans. Most minimalist count accessories as pieces, but I couldn't do that.....not yet.  Baby steps. Baby steps.  

 photo 20170111_102133.jpg

I still have some clothes in my dresser.  I did purge that as well.  I kept sweaters, PJ's, a few work-out clothes and of course undergarments.  I did not purge my boots. Again, farm......need boots.  

So everything is bagged up and waiting for a new home.  

 photo 20170111_111716.jpg

Now that I am finished with this project, I feel really good.  I know that I have just what I need.  Maybe a bit more, but I can downsize again this spring/summertime.  Baby steps.  ;) When I dig out my summer clothes from storage, I'll do the same process.  I always have more fall/winter clothes though, than summer clothes.  

Here are a few website that will help you if you decide to create a capsule wardrobe:

How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe (and why it will change your life)

How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe - 333 Project

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My wig collection and why I wear them

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & New Year!  We had family from MI in and had a great time.  

As most of you know, I decided months ago to start wearing wigs.  
Here are the reasons I decided to do so:

*  Help my hair grow out

*  Keep hair healthy / protect it from styling, dyes, sun, etc

*  Only wash it 2 times per week now which keeps oils in that the hair needs

*  I love to change my hair and this way I can have any hair style without cutting or dying it!

*  Hide my grey.....shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

*  Cheaper than the salon and no risk if you change your hairdo!

The wigs I buy have ranged in price from $9.99 up to $54.00 and honestly, the $9.99 one is just as nice as the $54 one.  It all depends on what you like.  The lace front wigs are so you can wear your hair back or no bangs and it still looks real.  The lace looks like real scalp.  The ones with no lace usually have bangs and if they don't (and you look close) you can tell they are wigs.  All my wigs are Synthetic.  You can purchase Human hair wigs, but they are typically more expensive.  (I personally don't want someone else's hair on my head, but that's just me, lol.)  

You'd be surprised on how easy it is to fool your friends and people who see you on a regular basis.  Especially if you stay within your own natural color. I have several wigs now and all are close to my natural color.  The only one that isn't is my blonde bob wig.  That was the most expensive too believe it or not.  The longest, curly, fullest one was only $25.  So here is my collection.  Underneath each pic I posted how much, where I purchased from and some info. about the wig itself.  

This is my latest one. 

 photo 20170109_120629.jpg

Vivica Fox brand wig, name is Brie V, color is FS4/27.  This is my favorite wig.  :)  It has NO lace and several layers.  Very realistic looking.  This wig is heat resistant, meaning I can curl, straighten or use a hot hair dryer to set the part or style up to 350 degrees (I believe that is the temp. It will say on the packaging). I can also wear the sides up in a clip.  I purchased on Amazon for $29.  It comes in several different colors.

 photo 20161207_103208.jpg

This is another Vivica Fox brand wig, name is Leni-V wig, color is P2216.  I purchased this on Amazon.  It was $54, the most expensive of my wigs. Heat resistant.  It is a NO lace and the cap on these Vivica Fox wigs are very lightweight and comfortable!

 photo 20161104_161018.jpg

This one above is from Freetress Equal, name is Bentley and color is OH2730613.  I purchased this one on Ebay for $25.  Heat resistant.   This one has a lace front.  I plucked a few hairs from the part to make it look more natural.  Gorgeous curls!

 photo 20161027_125314_2.jpg

This one above is a no name wig I found on ebay.  It cost $9.99.  It has no lace front and very lightweight.  Heat resistant.  There are tons of these wigs on ebay.  I would suggest if you buy a no name wig, that you look to see if the seller has high positive feedback and also check to see what kind of wig.  For example, if it says Cosplay, it usually means that the wig is like a Halloween wig.  But not always.  I bought my niece a Cosplay wig for Cmas and it is really cute.  

 photo 20161120_194434.jpg

This one above is another favorite.  Brand is Sensationnel and is called Irene.  Color is DXR4633.   I purchased from Glamourtress for $20.  It is a lace front.  Heat resistant.  

So all together I've spent $138 (plus shipping) on these 5 wigs.  So I have 5 different hair styles in less or equal to one salon visit for a cut, color and style.  I read on Facebook that one lady spends $150 each time she goes to the salon to get her blond highlights done, yikes!

Caring for wigs:
I periodically wash these wigs.  You want to make sure you brush them out first, no tangles.  Then, in my sink, I wash with warm water and shampoo.  I then rinse and use regular conditioner and soak them for about 5 minutes.  Rinse with cold water and squeeze the water out.  I then lay it on a dry towel and roll the towel up and get as much water out as I can.  Then I hang the wig (inside out) on a hanger in the shower until dry.  (Never comb them out wet.  It may damage the synthetic fibers.)

There are TONS of wig review videos on YouTube.  I highly suggest that you research any wig you choose to buy first!  Here are a few of my favorite Wig Review people on YouTube that I subscribe to:

Fauxhair Fabulous (my favorite)
Mom Changin
Trendy Kay

Hope this information helped you out if you are looking or thinking about trying a wig.  Why not?  What is holding you back?  Always wanted a short pixie but are scared to cut your hair?   Buy a pixie wig!  ;) Nothing to lose.  How much do you spend in the hair salon getting root touch ups, cuts, styles, coloring?  I bet it's more than a wig.  Since I started wearing wigs, I've converted 2 people into the wig world.  lol.  They are fun!!!