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Monday, March 18, 2013

Classical Academic Press TOS Review


I received the following books for review:

An Introduction to Formal Logic

Recommended for students 8'th grade and up.


The student book / workbook is a soft cover with 324 black and white pages. 
Price is $26.95
ISBN13: 9781600510335
This book is available as an e-book in both Kindle & ibook (Apple) formats (prices vary through & Apple).

Usually this course is studied with "The Art of Argument" (course on informal logic), but not a pre-requisite.


An Introduction to Formal Logic

The Teacher Edition is also a soft cover containing 351 black and white pages.  
Price is $29.95
ISBN13: 9781600510342

The teacher edition is exactly like the student workbook but has addition material.  It not only contains the answers, but it also offers sample essays, dialogues and arguments.  It contains some great teaching tips as well. 

What Is This? -

This workbook contains 4 Units / 9 chapters.  Like mentioned above, it contains 324 black and white pages.  There are several lessons within each chapter / unit.  

The company provides (free) schedules for you if desired.  You have your choice of a semester long schedule or a year long schedule.

Click HERE to view either schedule. 

Each chapter has 'points to remember' listed before the lesson begins.  The student looks over these, then begins reading the lesson.  After the lesson, there is a 'define' area.  This is where the student must define the important terms introduced in the chapter they just read.  There are also a few question to be answered.  Lines are provided for the student to write on if desired.  Last, there is a 'Deduction in Action' section to read.  This contains review material for the student to read.

They offer a sample chapter of each book.  
To view, click on which book below you'd like to view.

What I Thought? -

My son used this 4 times per week.  He would read one chapter and then do all the review activities.  He enjoyed the course.  He used this independently.  Some of the review questions we did together though.  He's seemed to catch on very quickly.  

This logic course was recommended for 8'th grade and up, but I feel it could easily be used as a high school course equivalent to one full credit.   

There is not a test or quiz book offered with this course, just the review after each lesson which was fine for us.  I didn't feel that any tests or quizzes were needed due to the fact that I could tell whether my child understood it by looking at his answers in the review after each and every lesson.  

I felt that this course was an asset  to our homeschool.  We have been looking for a 'logic' course for a while and didn't really know where to begin looking.  We were happy to see this come up for review so we could investigate the world of logic.

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