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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


by: Kathleen Basmadjian, PhD 
& Robert K. Basmadjuan Jr.

I received the physical book for review.
Price:  $14.99 

What Is This? -

This is a short story about a young modern day boy, named Abraham.  He sets out to achieve the American dream with his strong faith and great imagination.  

The story takes place during the Great Recession.  When his parents recently lost their jobs, they were struggling and fell short of  buying Christmas gifts for Abraham and his little sister.  Abraham feels bad for his sister and is very troubled.  He wants to help with the problem, but how can he help? 

So while Abraham is in his room on his smart phone trying to find out from his friends how he can make some extra money to help his family, Abraham Lincoln starts chatting with him!  Mr. Lincoln brings the boy into the cyber world to show him how to help save his family this Christmas.  

Abraham sets out into the cyber world with Mr. Lincoln himself to find a way to help his family and also learn what it means to live the American Dream.  Along the way, Abraham meets other famous people in history as well.  He meets Mr. Norman Rockwell, Amelia Earhart, a preacher named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and Mr. Bill & Melinda Gates. 

Read the rest of the story to learn how he helps his family and what he learns about the American Dream along his journey into the cyber world.

What I Thought -

I would say the recommended age for this book would be 3'rd-6'th grade in my opinion.  The book is filled with colorful illustrations.

I read this to my 9 yr. old son.  I thought this book brought up some great points we used for discussion.  For example, living the American Dream doesn't mean wealth.  It means being creative, being determined, finding one's talent and being able to help others when they need it.  Also being in a place financially to help others is a blessing.  I'm not sure if my 9 yr. old understood the whole 'bringing people into the cyber world', but I do think the important points that were being taught were absorbed.  It taught many virtues and that everyone has talent in something, we just have to find it.

My 14 yr. old read this story as well.  I think he was a bit too old for the book.  But I did ask him what he got out of it.

My 14 yr. old's response, "Everyone can achieve the American Dream.  Everyone has the opportunity to have a successful life if they desire."


I did like that in the back of the book was a section with 'definition of terms' and some character biographies of the famous people talked about in this book.  My youngest son didn't know who Mr. & Mrs. Gates were or Mr. Mark Zuckerberg.  It was nice to have easy access to that information right at my fingertips to read to him.

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