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Thursday, March 7, 2013

CLEANING HOUSE, a Blogging for Books Review

ISBN # 978-0-307-73067-1
US $14.99
e-book $9.99

What Is This? -

This book is about a mom, Kay Wyma, who has 5 children ranging from 4 - 14 yrs old.  She spends a whole lot of time in the carpool lane which gave her time to realize that she needed to do something about her children having Youth Entitlement.   

In this book, she tells about her real life experiment that her and the family endured over 12 months trying to rid the 'youth entitlement' from their lives.  

Every month she added a new job that built character, independence, pride and compassion.  She made chores a top priority .  From making beds to cleaning toilets,  she introduces new chores to teach the children to be responsible youth.  Her children, like all children, were shocked to have to learn the normal everyday chores that a mother tackles.  But they learn to take pride in everything they do. This wasn't an easy job for Kay either.  As a mom, she had to let the children take over and do some things that she could have completed in 1/2 the time and aggravation.  But she presses on, at times wondering if the lessons are getting through to them.   

After each chapter, she tells what SHE has learned this month / task and also what the children has learned.


She also teaches the children compassion.  How?  Serving others of course.  The children learn to put others in front of their own needs and they learn that it feels good.

As the year closes, she sees an amazing transformation of all her children.  Eventhough they are pulling away, getting closer from her dependency, she is full of joy knowing that she did her children a wonderful service.

What I Thought -
This book was very inspiring to me.  Every mother wants children with good manners, good work ethic  and compassion.  But lets face it, kids are selfish little creatures.  ;)  In this generation it seems like the world is teaching our children that it is all about them.  Do whatever feels good and you'll be happy.  This is a problem that won't fix itself.

Kay Wyma gives scripture to back up her teachings with her children.  That was really important to me.  The Bible is so instructive on how we are to raise our children.  

I have been applying some of her techniques in my own household with my own three boys.  I already see a change in them.  They have a new appreciation for what mom does around here.  It is also teaching them to be good independent young men who will grow into wonderful, respectable husbands some day.

So I highly recommend any mother who wants to teach their children to thrive and become compassionate, responsible and respectable adults to read this book and apply to their lives.  And lets face it, mom could use some help in the process.  This book had me literally LOL!  Raising teens is no cake walk.

For a sneak peek and to download Chapter One, 
click HERE.
 Also, check out Kay's blog-

Disclaimer:  I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.  This review is my own personal opinion.

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