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Friday, March 8, 2013

EMG Educational Systems, LLC TOS Review

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READS Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System

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I was sent Reads Parent/Child Reading Comprehension System to review.


This set includes:

Parent Manual

30 Question Cards & Ring

Rewards Chart & Stickers

Magic Finger & Reading Guide Strip

Speedy Speller


This set comes in a reusable storage pouch.

$19.95 for the set.

Recommended for grades 1 - 4.  


What Is This? -

This is a reading system that works with any reading material your child may be currently working on in school or in your homeschool.  It is designed to help children no matter if they are above their grade level, on grade level, or below grade level.  


The parent guide will explain how to use the system with your child step by step.



The 30 question cards help the child understand what he/she is reading.  The child picks a card, reads it, then looks for the answer in the book as they are reading.






The reward chart & stickers help give the child confidence as they see the rewards he/she will be earning.  This also gives them a goal to obtain.



As the child gets more comfortable with their reading, you have them write a few sentences daily about what they have read.  That is where the Speedy Speller comes in.  The Speedy Speller has over 1400 words for your child to look up to make sure their words are spelled correctly.  It also provides blank lines to add any frequent words that may not be on the word list. 




The magic finger and reading strip helps your child keep focused on the words he/she is reading.  This also helps to keep their eyes from jumping all over the page and losing their spot.










This reading system was created by Elaine Meyers, a reading specialist in Philadelphia, PA.



Ms. Meyers holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in education.  She has been working with young readers for more than 25 years.  Ms. Meyers realized that most parents wanted to help their children become better readers She then came up with this program to assist parents in helping their children at home with improving their reading skills.


Elaine Meyers has a step by step instruction video.  To view, click here


This program has received several awards.





What I Thought -

I used this program with my son who is 9 yrs. old.  We used this 4-5 days per week.  I liked the reward chart & stickers.  It gave him a daily goal to achive.  The one day we missed reading, he was bummed.  The reward system really works!  The Speedy Speller was really neat too.  Instead of having him look up a word in the huge dictionary, he had this small easy access booklet to look through.  I am noticing, that when he is doing his writing, he is even looking up words on his own!


He is also excited about getting to his reading book everyday.  His reading is improving and we are both very happy.  I was impressed with how easy this worked with my son.  Before this program he dreaded his reading.  Now, he looks forward to it with his magic finger!


I highly recommend this to anyone who has a child who is struggling or a parent who wants to help their child become a better reader. 


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