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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Do you ever feel like you are being pulled in so many directions that you are going to tear into pieces?  If so, you must be..... a mom.  Let's face it ladies, when our children are not feeling well or down in the dumps, they either take it out of us or run to us for comfort.  That is our job right?  I'd like to say no, but yes.... I'm afraid it is.  

When I was married, I had the choice "....for richer or poor, sickness or in health, 'til death us do part"....or something like that. ;)  But when you become a parent, there are no vows.  You are a parent.  Congrats!  

My youngest had a fever a few days ago and he is 11 years old. The whole time, he wanted his momma close by.  I am 41 and sometimes when I am sick, I would love to have my momma close by.  I wish!  The truth is, momma's are the secure comfort they need.  The tender loving care that they need and no one does it like momma.  I remember leaving my youngest home with daddy one day (many years ago) for a short time while he was sick.  He was so upset!  I told him that I'd be right back home (can't remember where I went, but it must have been real important because I know how my boys are when they are sick).  He called me on my cell a few times, which was ok. I hurried home and he was so relieved when I walked in.  Daddy was here.  But mom is who they wanted....needed.  ;)   

So, as moms, we are torn in several directions most of the time. Well, let's face it.  We have 'stuff' to do and MOM is the only one that is going to do it.  Well, at least in my house.  My husband is the sole provider of our house, also works long days and hours, so I do the running around, taking care of the boys.  (So please dads, don't comment about being left out.  This is how it goes in my home.)  Let's see, we have soccer practice one night a week, soccer games 1/2 day per week, church Sun. am, youth group one night per week and we cannot forget all the homeschool events and activities during the week as well.  Sometimes, I get tired!  

One thing I have learned throughout the years though, is that Mom needs her time too.  If Mom isn't healthy, happy and functioning on all ain't gonna get done people!  Mom needs a good book to read, a bubble bath some nights, a beauty shop visit or just a new hair color at home once and a while, a night out to dinner with her friend(s), even a day at home alone occasionally.   This is soooo important ladies!  It helps keep our sanity and reminds us that we aren't just moms, but strong women and wives also.  

Sometimes when I hear my boys bickering and then I hear "MMMOOOMMM", I just cringe.  I know that an argument or fight has occurred and I just want to go hide in my bedroom until it passes.  I don't of course.  We handle these things because we are THE MOM.

Now, I have listed so many negative mom moments here, I want to take a moment to write down some positives that make it all worth while.  

Here are my list of positives:

I get to take care of my sick children.
I get to correct them and walk them through their arguments/fights.
I get to take them to soccer games and practice.
I get to take them to church and youth group.
I get to take them to their homeschool events/activities.
And I get to listen to them yell "MMMOOMMM"!

God bless us Moms.