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Friday, March 15, 2013

Homeschool for FREE with Lesson Plans too!

I am so excited!  Back in December I  had blogged about homeschooling for free or little money.  I posted some links for websites that offered some free curriculum.  Some were one subject for totally free such as Khan Academy.  

Well, I am excited to tell you that I found a site that has the total curriculum package for free!  

What Is It? -

A homeschool mother created a site with all her lesson plans for all subjects to share with all of us. How wonderfully nice is that?  All you need is access to the internet, a printer, and basic supplies (paper, pencils, folders, etc.).  She is a Christian woman with a large family.  She homeschools from Pre-school to 8'th grade.  She offers a high school program as well, some area aren't completely finished in the high school yet, but there is enough there to fill my schedule!

The site is called:

 And it really is easy peasy to use!  (To go directly to the website, click on the title above.)

How Does It Work?-

You go to the site (daily) and find your grade.  Then you scroll down to what school day you are on (there are 180 total days).  You simply follow the directions.  There are links to guide you through every lesson to teach.  You can do it with your child, or they can do it independently.  It is that simple - follow directions, follow links.

I know what you are thinking, "Will it fill the requirements in my state?".   I was wondering the same thing.  As I was searching through her FAQ page, I seen this question above written along with some other really good ones.  This nice mother lives in Pennsylvania.  For those of you who don't know, PA has very strict homeschooling laws.  Not the most strict, but certainly up there.  She has everything required by PA state law, which will suffice the others I believe.  To make sure, you can check your state requirements by going to HSLDA and click on your state.  (To be connected to HSLDA, just click on it.)

When you go to the site, there are tabs on the right.  Click on the 'how to use'You have a choice to read the 'how to use' page or watch a tutorial.  I watched the tutorial and it was very informative!

We actually used this today with my fourth grader and it is great!  I am also planning on integrating it with my 10'th graders curriculum.

"How can something so simple, work and be free of charge?"  Well, believe it.

What If my child is doing different grades in different subjects?-

No problem.  You can choose which grade or level for reading, math, etc.  YOU choose what best fits your child.  

I hope you all enjoy this!  I am!  And a big THANK YOU to the wonderful homeschool mom who created EASY PEASY HOMESCHOOL!

Enjoy & God Bless!   

Disclaimer:  All the above is all my opinion and/or experience.  Every child is different.  Every child learns differently.  What works for one, may not work for another.  

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