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Monday, March 25, 2013

Math U See TOS Review

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I was sent the following for review:


The Geometry Instruction Pack   Price $57.00
The pack includes the hardcover Instruction Manual (253 pages) & the DVD set (includes 2 disc).

The Geometry Student Kit    Price $32.00
The kit includes the softcover student text (371 pages) & softcover test booklet (88 pages).  Both of these books are 3 hole punched and have easy tear out pages for your convenience.

MUS does offer an on-line Geometry class as well for $350.00 (books & DVD are not included in this price.)

For this course, you'll need a straight edge or ruler, a protractor, and a compass.  You may also use a calculator is desired.

What Is This? -

Math U See is an extensive Math program that teaches students with using manipulatives.  These help teach the math concepts using multi-sensory to children K - 12'th grade.  

MUS has arranged their products by topic, not grade level.  

There are placement tests available for your student/child to take to determine where they should start.  Click HERE to find out more about the placement tests.

MUS doesn't just want to 'teach' math to students, they want to help them master each level so that the student can demonstrate and understand each and every concept.   

For a sample lesson, scope & sequence and / or overview click HERE.

The student workbook / text has 3 sections for each lesson.  The Lesson Practice, the Systematic Review, and the Honors Lessons.  

The Lesson Practice is the assignment that the student does to make sure he/she understands the lesson just learned.  

The Systematic Review reviews the new material as well as concepts that the student has previously studied.

The Honors Lessons help the child with problem solving skills.  These pages are completely optional but recommended if your student plans to take advanced courses in math and/or science. 

Each lesson has a test in the test booklet.  These help demonstrate the mastery of that new concept in that lesson. 

The length you spend on each lesson is up to you (the teacher) and your student.  It is recommended to spend the time you need so the student masters the concept as well as do the first few problems togetherThis program stresses that you shouldn't just do all the worksheets to finish them.   

The Goal:
The book states, "The goal is not to fill in worksheets, but to be able to teach back what has been learned."  The goal is for the student to be able to teach the lesson to you, which would prove that  he/she has mastered the concept.

Whether you are homeschool mom and want to teach the Charlotte Mason, Classical or Relaxed method, or a private /public school teacher in a classroom, MUS has something for you. 

 My son is currently using this now 3-4 times per weekHe watches the DVD lesson while having his book open to the lesson practice page.  After the DVD lesson is taught, he then finishes the first section, the Lesson Practice.  I check his work.  If he gets any problems wrong, we go over it and depending on how many were incorrect, I have him do the next section, Systematic Review.  I then check those answers.  As long as he has mastered the new concept, I give him the option of doing the Honors Lessons.  He does choose to do the Honors Lesson quite often.

A little about the company & creator -

In the late 1980's, Steve Demme, the founder of Math-U-See, was teaching his concepts to students in public & private schools.  In the 1990's, homeschoolers started showing interest in his math approach.  He has been training teachers (and homeschool co-op groups) for over 20 years to use his math concepts.

In 1994, MUS was created.  Ten years later, he introduced his DVD's In these DVD's, he instructs the math lessons to the students himself.

For a few video samples of these instructions, click HERE and scroll down.  Mr. Demme has his own family run a company called Demme Learning which is the publishing brand for MUS.  They are located in Lancaster, PA.  

Demme Learning has also won several math awards. 



To watch a video from Mr. Demme on an overview of MUS, click HERE.

What I Thought -

I have heard many good things about MUS.  We have tried many math curricula in the past and we had finally found something (not currently MUS) that worked for us so we were determined to stick with it.....until now.  :)
I am definitely adding this to my curricula in the future.  I wasn't sure about having my child watch an instructor teach math on a DVD.  I have always taught him from a teacher's edition myself in the past so this was new.  I really like the way that Mr. Demme presents the lessons and give the students examples.  He interacts with the classroom students on this DVD and he gives them opportunities to ask questions.  These questions are the ones that my son may have needed to ask in the lesson 

I also liked that they don't list the products by grade level but they let you decide (by taking the placement test) on where your child/student should start.  Every child learns at a different pace and not in the 'cookie cutter' grade levels, so as homeschoolers this was a big plus.

My son really seems to like it too.  He likes that the video lessons are not long drawn out lessons.  He doesn't like math very well, but this program he wanted to do and actually started doing the Honors Lessons without being asked!  This is huge for us!  I am very happy with this program and I highly recommend this to students.

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