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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Science, Naturally! TOS Review

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180 page paperback
Recommended for ages 8-12.

What Is This? -

This is a book of 65 mysteries written by a father daughter team.  They wrote this for your child to use their critical thinking skills & science to solve the them. They also wrote "65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Math!".  They call them brainteasers, and they sure are!

For example, this one below is called "True Colors".  You read this page to your child and then he or she tries to solve the mystery.  The mysteries are one minute long and on one page. 

 photo 101_8376.jpg  

After the child uses his or her critical thinking skills & science knowledge, then you turn the page to read the conclusion.  This is how my 10 year old son and I used the book.  We used this several days per week and solved 4-5 mysteries each day. 

 photo 101_8377.jpg

What I thought -

This is awesome!  My son loved trying to figure out each mystery as I read.  Some of them really made us think back to our science lessons and apply that to help us figure out the mystery.  He kept wanting to do more and more of these.  Even if there was a few here and there he didn't figure out, they were still teaching him some awesome science facts!

This is definitely a fun way to teach & learn science!  We enjoyed this so much!  We give this 2 thumbs up!


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