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Monday, May 6, 2013

Homeschooling reward

God has rewarded me with the ability to homeschool my children.  I am getting ready to close my 9'th year of homeschooling.  I am looking forward to a summer break, besides my TOS curriculum reviews, but I always look forward to the next schoolyear.  I cannot believe that I'll be starting my 10'th year of homeschooling this fall!  It seems like it was yesterday that all the little ones were around the table with their ABC pages and the littlest one with the pacifier in his mouth and crayons in his little hand.

If you are looking to homeschool, or just thinking about it, I encourage and challenge you to do so.  I won't bluff and tell you it's easy.  I won't tell you that every day will be amazing.  I won't tell you that you will be relaxed and lively every day.  I won't tell you that every day will be an ah-ha moment.  But what I will tell you is that it is so REWARDING and you will never regret the investment you've made into your children!  Yes, you might end up in the bathroom in tears (like I have a time or two) on some days because you feel like you aren't getting through. But you ARE getting through to them!

We teach our children everyday .... yes, even if they go to a private or public school.  They watch us, learn from us and copy us daily.  So homeschooling is just  teaching their academics and all aspects of life combined.

Again, God has rewarded me with these children.  It's my job to give them the best of everything that I can possibly give.  For me, that includes their education.

I am proud of my boys, all three of them.  They are turning into bright, respectful young men of God.  This is my homeschooling reward.

Even though I expect the best that they possibly can give daily, it is not their good academics or good deeds that will give them the kingdom inheritance.  It is their love and following of Christ.

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