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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Can the sun heal our bodies?

I was in a very serious car accident 3 years ago.  I broke 12 bones, punctured a lung, and jammed my upper spine into the back of my skull.  Yes, pretty serious.  God protected me from being hurt worse and he has healed my bones, lung, etc.  I am writing this because I wanted to share how his creation, the sun, helped in my healing process.

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Heating pads, I was told, are not good for broken bones, at least not all the time.  It did however make them feel better.  So I decided to go sit outside on the deck in the swing my husband bought for me.  I placed pillows around me so my bones were secure.  I sat there, prayed and let the sun heal my bones.  The warmth of the sun somehow made them less painful, it comforted me (since being cold hurt really bad) and it calmed me. 

I sat out there many days and just prayed.  God and I spend a lot of time together that year.  He has placed so many things in our path to help heal us and keep us healthy we just don't see those things sometimes when we are involved with this thing called life.  The sun is a great natural healing item that God has placed here for us. So lets embrace the sun that our Lord God has given us to enjoy.....not just for light.

I thank GOD for my healing and I thank GOD for giving me the SUN to help.

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