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Monday, May 6, 2013

Homefires "Papa's Pearls" book TOS Review

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I received the book "Papa's Pearls" - A Father's Gift of Love and Wisdom to His Children and Grandchildren.

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ISBN# 9780615661889


You have two options for purchasing-

$13.47 through Amazon (plus shipping)

$21.97 for an autographed copy from Homefires (this price includes shipping)

This softcover book contains 17 chapters with 112 pages.

I would recommended for young adult and up. 
What Is This?-

This book tells the life of her father, Papa, who is a total inspiration to her.  Diane Flynn Keith was born in San Francisco, CA and tells her story with amazing emotional details of the impact her father had on so many people.  Papa's childhood was on a troublesome path, but he makes a positive change and makes positive impacts on people's lives throughout his years.  He leaves life principles and advice for his family to live by.  Each chapter has a saying that Papa used to repeat.  Here are a few of Papa's sayings: 

"What Were You Thinking?"

"Take a Hike - Just Walk Away From It!"

"Let It Go - Like Water Off a Duck's Back." 

What I Thought-

This book had my emotions on a roller coaster.  My favorite story and saying, "Tell yourself you like it" had me rolling with laughter.  Real life situations that had me literally, laughing out loud.

Then some of the stories she told made me cry.  When her father started aging, he still looked out for the family.  Even though my father is still healthy and young, this is how I'm sure he would be (still watching over his family).  These things also reminded me of my Grandfather who passed away several years ago.  I miss him.  Reading this book reminded me that I will always have the memories.  I need to write down all the things I do remember about him so later on I can look back and enjoy.  He may be gone, but my memories I will always have......and cherish.

One of these life lessons / sayings, aka 'pearls', have something for each one of us to apply to our lives

I highly recommend this book to all who want 'pearls' in their lifeYou can fill the lives of your children and grandchildren with meaning, fulfillment, and joy.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing "Papa's Pearls." I especially enjoyed your comment that it inspires you to write about your own father and grandfather. :) ~ Diane Flynn Keith