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Monday, May 13, 2013

College Prep Genius TOS Review

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from College Prep Genius for review.

Price: $29.95
440 page paperback. 
Recommended for students in 7'th grade and up who plan to attend college & for their parents.

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What Is This? -

This book is written for the student to give them the preparation they will need for college.  The preparation consists of effective study skills, organization, planning their future, studying for important entrance exams, etc.  They also cover tips on applying for colleges and paying for it.   

The first 88 pages contain a large introduction section before the chapters begin.  This tells how you and your student will use the book.  In this section, they also offer several sample forms that you will need in planning your child's future.  

Here are a few of those forms:
*   Graduation Checklist
*   Recommended Plan (RHSP) 
             & Distinguished Achievement Plan (DAP)
*   A three-tier guide to high school
*   Test prep examination inventory

They also offer a sample resume for the student!

There are eighteen chapters (440 pages) in this paperback.  

The chapters are for the student to read either with a parent or on their own (depending on how the parents want the reading done).  

At the end of each chapter there are a few activities for the student to do.  This gets the student to think about some things discussed in the chapter and to get them to think deeper about their future. 

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There are a few questions for them to answer as well.  Some relate to the students character and virtues.

There is also a section for parents at the end of each chapter along with some homework.

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This book will answer all the questions you have about high school as well as what to do for prep for college.  Things like transcripts, college interviews, and required tests.  There are also some web links provided for additional information.

How we used the book-

I read through the introduction pages and the first chapter, then had my 10'th grader read the first chapter.   We went through the questions together and discussed what was in that chapter.  Then I read the 'Guide for Parents' and did the homework assigned.  We read 1 chapter per week which took about 1 hour per week for us.

What I Thought -

I found this book to be quite helpful.  I was already familiar with transcripts, but this gave me a few ideas to incorporate with my transcript I have already been working on.  

I found the web links to be quite helpful as well.

The parent homework assignments were quite easy.  So don't panic!  No one likes homework, but these were painless.  For example, one of the Parent Homework assignments were to teach your child the difference between good food choices, ok food choices, and poor food choices.   When they are off at college, they'll need to start making these decisions for themselves and they'll need to know why the good food choices are important.  These are some of the things I think we forget about teaching our teens.  For me, I get so caught up in pushing the academics that I forget to make sure of some of the important things like food choices that will help him study and maintain a healthy lifestyle.   

I would recommend this to any parent & child who is in high school (or getting ready to enter) planing on applying and attending any college.  Even if you are unsure if your child is interested in college, this book can help you with the steps to better your child's future.  Your child may not want to go to college now, but what if 5 years after graduation they decide they want to attend?  This book will allow you to have already made the necessary steps to be ready when that time comes.  If they decide to not go to college?  This book still can help improve their SAT scores which may land them that awesome job!

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