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Monday, December 3, 2012

Homeschool for FREE!

Yes, that is correct.  Homeschool for free!  Are you on a tight budget or a $0 budget for homeschooling?  Did you know that it IS possible for you to homeschool for free?  There are several sites out there with free printables for your child.

Here are a few sites with free printables -
TLS worksheets
Free online typing lessons! - you can learn the US states
This one has some free printables and some you must be a member to print.  I am not a member.  I'm not sure if there is a fee, but it would be worth checking it out!
printable maps!
Surfing the human body; learn what's inside us!
Math worksheets (some are free w/o membership).  I have used this one recently.
This is great for spelling!  You can type in the child's spelling words and it will create a study lesson & quiz for you!

Well, as you can see there are several sites for free printables.

Your local library is also a wonderful place to start!  For an older child, they can pick a series and then you can create a study guide for them (if you know the book) or you can sometimes find a FREE study guide online!

Here is one site that I recently found and used for a study guide-
The books they offer study guides for are listed on the left.  Just click on one and there it is!

Cannot find a book?  Ask your local library.  They may be able to get it from another library (inter-library loan).  Did you know that libraries also have a budget for new books?  Ask them to order you something that you will need!  Our library has done this for us several times!

What about high school? -

Don't worry, you can homeschool through high school for free too!  Again, use your library for history and literature.  For math, check out Khan Academy!

Here is the link:

You will have to register as a teacher and place your child as your student, but it is FREE!  Your child will be able watch the lessons desired and do the work on the computer.  The student is able to work at their own pace.

Science can be done at the library as well.  Again, ask your local library for help.  And remember your friends!  Most of my friends are always willing to lend a book for a semester or a schoolyear.

Even foreign language books can be found on your library's shelf!

And keep in mind that even highschool learning doesn't always have to come from a textbook.  Home-Economics is great to learn at home.

Do you have a microscope?  If not, borrow one.  Have your child go outside and pick a few 'living' things (grass, mushrooms, feather, etc) in the yard and place them under a microscope and take notes on what he sees.

Does your child like to do a lot of reading for fun?  Calculate the hours he/she has read and give them a literature credit.  Create a course, like 'Contemporary Literature' and have him/her keep track of the books he reads.

Here is a free printable that helps keep track of your child's book reads.

This link above ( has several printable forms to place in your portfolio and/or lesson plan binder for excellent record keeping!

So have fun, explore and be frugal! 

Disclaimer:  The above content is my opinion only.  The links listed above are just some sites that I have used in the past and I found helpful.  I have in no way received anything in return for posting these links today.


  1. Thanks for all the sites! I love finding FREE resources! Stopping by from the TOS blog linky. I'm your newest follower.

  2. Glad I could help! Thanks for commenting and following ;)

  3. Hi Izzie. I just wanted to give you heads up. I came across another website created by a homeschool mom, called "Easy Peasy Homeschool". It is the total grade level for free! Including lesson plans! See my latest post (3-15-13). Enjoy!