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Thursday, November 29, 2012

101 in Lapbooking

I have blogged before about Lapbooking, but it is so fun and there is so much to say about it!

Have you ever Lapbooked?  It is so easy, fun and child motivated!

What is a Lapbook exactly?-

A Lapbook is basically a mini-book that your child uses his/her hands to create!  Just let your child do the creating on anything he/she has learned!

Here are a list of things you'll need to Lapbook:

Manilla folders
tape or glue
colored paper
pencils, pens, markers....anything really to write with

Now that you have your supplies, you'll need a topic!  Does your child like horses, trees, money, cars, movies, books, etc. ?  Just pick something.  We chose a Lapbook on Money.  Now we used a Lapbook that was already created.  That means that all we had to do was print out our pictures and finish them, and put them into our Lapbook.  If you don't have this, you don't need it.  It just makes things a bit easier for you.  If you Google the word 'Lapbooking'  you'll get all kinds of ideas.  Below are a few great websites that are great!

This link above,, is the one that our Lapbook template came from.

Like I said, there are several ideas.  These links above are for newbies to Lapbooking as well.  Some have step by step instructions.

Another good point is that you can use Lapbooking as a core source of your homeschooling!  Go ahead and incorporate math, language, poetry, science and history into your Lapbook!  If you have a child who loves hands-on schooling, your child will LOVE to learn this way!  Get your scrapbooking stuff out too!  Go ahead and make homeshcooling FUN!  (You can put this in his/her portfolio as well.)

Here is what my son did this week.  Again, we did a Lapbook on 'Money'.

We printed the templates (pics) onto regular printer paper.  Then cut them all out.  He colored what needed to be colored, and then decided where to place each piece of information about Money (with moms help).  We used 3 manilla folders and glued the ends together, then folded them properly so they fit like a large book.  You can use one folder or's up to you on how big or small you want yours to be.

In this picture above, he placed the definitions of debt, job, earn, bank, bills, budget, currency, etc. on the left of the folder.  Then all the coins in the middle.  He filled out the information and glued a sample of his paycheck, etc. on the right.

When the page is turned, he then places a sample of a checkbook register and some checks he wrote for living expenses.

When the check register sheet is lifted, his monthly budget he created is listed.  He really had fun doing this.  This kid LOVES money!  :)

We also placed a verse about what the Bible says about money inside our Lapbook.

1 Timothy 6:10 says, 
"For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil."

We discussed how money can turn someone away for Christ our Savior.  If you notice the verse states... "for the LOVE of money".  This is the key.  The love of money..... not money itself.  It is ok for one to be rich with currency, God wants us to be blessed.  But he also wants us to bless others.  I asked my 9 year old what this verse means to him.  He stated, "It's ok to have money.  We just need to make sure we share and help others."  Out of the mouth of Babes ;)

So go ahead and have fun making your own Lapbook!

Disclaimer: I am a homeschooling mother and all the opinions on this blog are mine.  The links shared in this blog are for homeschool help only.  I am not promoting.  I do not get anything in return for using these links.

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