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Monday, December 24, 2012

I'm so tired! Cookies, malls, card games....oh my!

First, I have to mention that this blog is a bit weak tonight.  I am sooo tired! ;)

Well, it's Christmas Eve and what a great Christmas we had.  Yes, had.  I have to explain....... my parents just left today to head back home to Michigan.  They came on Friday and stayed the weekend so we had our Christmas on Saturday. 

The first thing I think about when I think of Christmas is FAMILY.  We may not be able to all get together some holidays and Christmas is one of those we don't get to see our extended family most of the time being that we (my family) is out of state.  So this year, when my parents came to our home in West Virginia, it was all about family!  Yes, our Lord Jesus is a huge part of our family.  He is the reason for this wonderful holiday season.  We thank him for our family, friends, food, gifts, warm home, and love.

My mom and I both got our ears pierced as our Christmas to each other.  She got her second holes done and I got second and third holes done.  It was fun watching each other react to the piercing, lol.  Then we went to the Mall, just the two of us.  We just window shopped, (because we already had our Christmas) but we had a great time! 

COOKIES, COOKIES, COOKIES!  We ate so many homemade Christmas cookies, pies, brownies, food!  I definitely must cut back after this holiday season!  I will have to work extra hard to lose the few pounds (that feel like 10!) that I put on, lol. 

My family (parents & siblings) are HUGE card players!  We played hours of 'Hand & Foot' (card game) over the weekend.  It's a great time to chat, laugh and just plain be together!

So, being Christmas Eve and our Christmas is done, it feels a bit weird.  But, maybe we'll catch a movie tomorrow?  Hmmmmmm.

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