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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Wig care

Now that you have purchased your first wig, how do you take care of it?  

When you aren't wearing your wig, you need to keep it either on a wig head or in the plastic bag it comes in.  This way, it will keep their style and not tangle.  

 photo 20170204_133631.jpg

I don't have any wig heads so I put them back into their plastic bag (with the info. card) and place it in my closet. (AIso, wig heads take up a lot of room.)  Make sure you comb the wig out with a wide tooth comb before bagging them for storage.

You can get away with wearing your wig for several days before you will need to wash it depending on the weather (heat).  I always wear a wig cap.  This does protect your hair, as well as your wig.  You will know when it needs to be washed because it will start to feel 'dry'.  The ends may start to get 'fuzzy' too.  

To wash the wig:

*  First want to comb through it with a wide tooth comb to get all the tangles out.  

*  Then, fill your sink with warm water.  I then place the wig in the water and saturate it.  

*  I take my shampoo (the same cheap shampoo I use on my own hair, lol) and place a generous amount on my hands and work it through the wig just as if I was washing my own hair. 

 photo 20170204_133712.jpg

I then place it in the sink again and swish it around to get the shampoo out.  

*  I then drain the sink, fill it up again with cold water.  I use a generous amount of conditioner on the wig by working it through the wig without rubbing.  I let the conditioner sit on the wig (especially the ends) for a few minutes.  Then I place the wig in the sink and let it soak for a few more minutes.  You can also add Downy to the cold water during rinse.  It will condition and make the wig smell fresh as well.

 photo 20170204_133731.jpg

*  I then drain the sink and squeeze as much as the water out of the wig.  I place the wig on a folded towel and roll the towel tightly to squeeze more water out.  DO NOT RUB the wig or the towel with the wig in it, you will create tangles. 

 photo 20170204_133608.jpg

*  Take the wig and turn it inside out.  Hang it on a plastic clothes hanger and place it in the shower or somewhere to dry.  Do not comb out the wig while wet!  You will break the fibers and damage your synthetic wig.  (As far human hair wigs, I don't own any so I can't give you any tips on that.  You can look on Youtube for that info.)

*  After the wig is dry, you can turn the wig right side out and comb it gently with a wide tooth comb.  

This process brings the wig back to life and looks new again. In between washes, you can also spray with Febreze (or any kind of room deodorizer) or place a dryer sheet in the bag with the wig when stored.  

There isn't any set time frame on how long your wig will last. Some last longer than others.  The ones that I buy are cheaper wigs and may only last me a few months.  But if you take care of them (store & wash them properly) they should last a while.  In my opinion, if they only last 2 months, that's fine by me.  It's still cheaper to buy a $15 wig every 2 months than go to the salon.  lol.


I will be doing my first wig review for a company called 
Beauty Empire so keep watch!  

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