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Friday, August 9, 2013

Read before you RENEW your valid Driver's License!

Ok, normally I don't use my homeschool blog as a soapbox.  But this needs to be said.

How are we supposed to teach our children the freedoms of America if we are subject to so much government control?

Let me tell you what happened to me the other day at the wonderful DMV office.  (For the record - all you DMV workers out there, I know this isn't your fault and you are just doing your job.)

I have lived in beautiful West Virginia now for 5 1/2 years.  I current have a valid WV drivers lic.  I am getting close to re-newal time, so I took all the info. required up to the local DMV office. 

I took:

current dr. lic.
original certified birth cert.
voters registration card
phone bill (for proof of residency)
current auto ins. card
original certified social security card

I get there, and the lady looks over my paperwork and asked for a original certified current marriage certificate.  Really?  I'm not changing my name.  But I was told that they need to follow the paper trail from my birth cert.  Ok, I handed her a copy of my current marriage lic.  (I, for whatever reason, had in my purse).  She said that she needs the original.  I was looking at her like 'are you serious'?  Then, I am informed that I need the "original certified marriage license from a previous marriage from 20 years ago"!  I said, "Honestly, do you really think I kept an old husband and my marriage lic from 20 years ago ma'am"?  She again, proceeded to tell me about the paper trail.

I had to contact the state I was married in (20 years ago) to obtain an 'original certified marriage certificate'.  It cost me $22.  Needless to say, I am NOT happy.

The thing that absolutely gets me the most is that in some states, you don't even have to show ID (dr. lic. or voters reg card) to VOTE!  Yes, to VOTE for our country's leadership!  But I have to prove who I am just to re-new a current, valid driver's lic.?  Are you kidding me?

How is this constitutional?  How are we supposed to teach our children about the liberties and freedoms here in America when good tax paying citizens go through this crud just to keep their current, valid drivers lic.? 

Also, it needs to be mentioned that this same DMV office DOES NOT REQUIRE A TEEN TO HAVE AUTO INS. WHEN OBTAINING THEIR FIRST DRIVER'S LIC.!  Really?  What?  So I asked the lady, "What prevents a teen from never getting auto ins."  Her response was "Well, it will catch up to them".  Really?

I am beyond disappointed in our government to say the least.

Any comments or thoughts?

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