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Monday, August 19, 2013

Cleaning House with children

Um, cleaning a house that has children living within it, is like brushing your teeth with Oreos.  Seriously.

There are days when I clean all day.  I go from one room to the next.  I look behind me and it's like I wasn't even in that room.  My boys are 17, 14 and 10.  Seriously, with children those ages, you'd think I'd finally overcome the 'messy house' syndrome.  NOT!  
 photo Baby-Links11111111.jpg
My youngest is the lego king.  He has legs all over his room.  He picks them up and an hour later, lego land all over again.
 photo index.jpeg   
I can follow him around the house and pick up after him.  That alone would be a full time job.  

I know what you are thinking.  'Give them some chores.  Make them help.'  I do.  They have daily chores.  They are good chores too.  Folding laundry, doing dishes (no, we do not have a dishwasher), feed the chickens, feed the dogs & cat, help cook dinner, clear table, fold throw blankets and straighten pillows, these are all on the chore list.  They are GOOD chores.  They complete them daily.  When they are finished with their chores  and I have finished mine, the house looks great!  They really do a terrific job!

 photo dish-it-out-large.jpg 

 Then the next time I walk through the room it's like, "Where am I"?

How come my house is still dirty?

I think one day, after my children are gone, I will finally have a clean house.  That doesn't put a smile on my face though.  A clean house.......accompanies a quiet one. :(  I cannot imagine my boys not living at home with me.  

Ok, my messy isn't so bad.  ;)

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