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Monday, August 5, 2013

Bible Study Guide TOS Review

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I received the  
Advanced Level Student Pages
(Lessons 1-26)

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to review from Bible Study Guide.


Bible Book Summary Cards - $24.95
Recommended for ages 3 - adult.

Advanced Student Pages - $5.95 
(Lesson 1-26) Recommended for 5'th & 6'th grade.

They offer several ages groups (grade levels) for the student pages. I was sent the 'advanced' student pages for review. 

This Bible curriculum is no particular denomination.  All it's content is from the word of God - Bible.

What Is This? -

This is a Bible study curriculum for all ages.  
The Student Pages have several levels.  The levels are ages 3 - adult.  You can order by grade / age levels or you can order for 'family' or 'adult'.

These pages have so much information on them and are filled with scripture and detail.  Here is a picture of the second page of lesson 2.  There is a front and back page to every lesson. There are a total of 26 lessons in this booklet.

 photo 101_8417.jpg

They have several different sections to each and every lesson.  

They sections are:

* Remember It
* Memory Workout
* Guess What....
* Map
* Get Active
* Apply It!
* Discover the Bible

In the Discover the Bible section (pictured above), they have comic style cartoon for the children to read that include fun puzzles to do.

Here is another view / sample.  This one is the first page from lesson 33.

 photo Screenshotfrom2013-06-28121657.png

You can clearly see how each section is there for the child to do.  The Discover Section (mentioned above) is on the back side.

These can be used in a Sunday School class, homeschool or Vacation Bible School!  It is very teacher / student friendly!

The Bible Book Summary Cards are full-color 8.5" x 11" cards.  They remind me of giant flash cards. They have lively color and detailed cartoon-like pictures for the child to remember the Bible story easily.   Pictured below is how the front of the cards look.

 photo Screenshotfrom2013-06-28121626.png

On the back of each card, there are some questions for the student(s) to answer.  The answers are in small print after each question.

Here is what the back of this card looks like - 

 photo Screenshotfrom2013-06-28121640.png

 photo 101_8422-1.jpg

I used this product twice per week for the review period with my 10 year old son.  

These Bible cards can also be used in a Sunday School setting, homeschool or Vacation Bible School!  These would be great to hang on the wall in the classroom after each card is completed!

What I Thought -

I thought this product was pretty neat.  It had tons of information for my son.  I was amazed on how reasonable the price was on these two items!

My favorite part of this was the workbook pages.  It had such a great variety of different assignments.  Some curricula gives you the same 'find a word' or 'fill in the blank' activities to do.  This had matching with shapes, multiple choice, fill in the letter, draw a picture, circle the answer, cross out the word that doesn't fit, etc.  There are several more and they are all fun!

I also liked the large colorful Bible cards.  They are created nicely so that the teacher can show the card while reading the lesson/story on the back.  The pictures are drawn to where the kids remember each lesson/story told.  Excellent!

My son's favorite part of this was trying to figure out the pictures on the Bible cards believe it or not.  As I was reading the back of the card, he would try and figure out what parts of that lesson/story I was going to tell.  He knows the Bible pretty well and this part was really fun for him.  He was so proud to get all of the questions right on the back of the card!  He did also enjoy the student workbook pages.  Again, the variety was great!


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