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Monday, June 10, 2013

Memoria Press TOS Review

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I received The Complete Set of Prima Latina 
for review.

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The Complete Set Price (shown above):  $90.00

The Complete Set includes:

Teacher Manual
Student workbook
Pronunciation CD
3-Instructional DVD's

Recommended for grades K-3.

You can purchase just the Text Set for $32.95

The Text Set includes:

Teacher Manual
Student workbook
Pronunciation CD

You can also purchase extra items such as: CD's, DVD's, flashcards, certificate of completion, copy book, etc. separately if desired.  Click HERE to see the list of what is offered as well as pricing.

This is what we received - The Complete Set:

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What Is This? -

This is a full Latin course for students.  The workbook contains 25 lessons and 132 pages.  Each lesson contains vocabulary words, writing assignments, and prayers to learn.  The DVD's have each lesson explained & taught by a professional Latin teacher. 

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There is no 'guessing' on the correct pronunciation of the words being taught.  The lessons are presented clear, slow and professional but still fun for the student.  The teacher in the DVD videos pronounces the word (with it's meaning) slowly, then has the child say them a few times with her, then the student says the word by him/herself.   

The Complete Set comes with a pronunciation CD.  It is a convenient way to listen on CD player in your car during travels, at home or in the classroom.  

The teacher manual is identical to the student workbook but contains the answers in the book as well as instructions on how to teach Latin.  

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The course teaches grammar overview, tenses of verbs, cases of nouns, student goals, and much more.

Throughout the student workbook, the student will review the vocabulary words in the previous lessons.  For example, each day, the lesson will have the student review the vocab words from the lessons prior with a short writing assignment.  Then after lesson 5, the student with review the first 5 lessons again before going on to the 6'th. 

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The flashcards are another way to 'refresh' the lessons.  

Click HERE for a sample of the Teacher Manual, Table of Contents or a sample of Lesson 1.

How We Used This -

I used this 3 days per week with my 10 year old son. 

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We placed the DVD in the player each day and watched and listened to that days lesson.  

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Then, we followed the instructions on doing our workbook assignments and practiced our speaking.  

What I Thought -

This was very easy to use and to teach.  The DVD Latin teacher was very easy to understand and her speech was very clear.  I really liked how the lessons contained review in each one.  Repetition is very important with this course.  I really liked the way it reviewed throughout the book.  One of my pet peaves with curricula is that some give you new things to learn without going back to refresh on previous lessons.  This was not like that at all.  Even the DVD lessons reviewed things.  

Overall, I feel anyone could teach this course.  You don't have to be an English professor to teach a Latin.  All the parent does is follow along with the student.  An older student could probably do the course themselves.  

I personally enjoyed teaching or should I say 'learning' this course.  My son and I both learned a great deal.  The diphthongs were expecially important with us.  My son struggles with reading a bit and this helped with figuring our where a word comes from and gave him an idea of what the meaning may be.  This makes the reading easier for him to not just sound out a word, but figure out the 'root' or meaning of that word and apply it to the story.

I recommend this to anyone who has a struggling reader or anyone who just wants to learn Latin.


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