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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gotta love has its cons :/

I love this time of year.  All the fruit and veggies are growing good.  The warm breezes are flowing through the air.  You can hear the leaves swishing in the wind.  No more wood burning stove, warm clothes, snow boots (or mud boots) and no more chilly mornings.  I just love it.

But, like everything else, there comes a few cons to the season as well.  Bugs I don't mind too much.  I absolutely hate spiders, but I have three boys that are designated super spider killers ;)  It's snakes that I cringe upon.  EEEEKKKKK!  My middle son loves them.  He reminds me every time I threaten to kill the icky yard intruders, that they eat mice.  My response is .... so does my outside cat!  I do not like snakes!  Sorry to all those snake lovers, I just have a fear not to mention they give me the creeps!

So, on with my story, I went out to make sure the chickens had plenty of water one warm afternoon last week.  I opened the coop door and took of my sunglasses to see in there.  I just happened to look up and this is what I see.

 photo 101_8360.jpg

I stared, puzzled and still blinded by the sun from taking off my sunglasses.  I ask myself, is this a piece of stripping/seal or something of a construction nature hanging from the ceiling?  As I realize that what I am looking at is a snake, I scream!!!!!!!  My snake lover son comes out to rescue me.  It was a small snake, but still......eeeewwww.

I am telling all, that if this snake would have fallen on me, I would have had a heart attack and died right there in the chicken coop!

Again, I do love this weather, but it comes with some cons :/  

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