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Sunday, November 18, 2012

What will be on my Thanksgiving table on Thursday

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday.  I love to cook the huge meal for my family from scratch!  This is what is what will be on our table on Thursday....

Turkey stuffed with my momma's homemade stuffing
Mash pot. w/ gravy (homemade from the turkey drippings)
Green bean cassarole
Sweet corn
Cranberry sauce (jellied)
Dinner rolls

For dessert:
Fresh homemade apple pie

The night before, the boys help me set the table.  We place a nice table cloth on the table and put our nice snowmen glassware out.  We get all the place settings done with nice folded napkins, etc.  We get the turkey plate out and my hubby help me prep the turkey.

Our normal routine on Thanksgiving day is....

AM- The men (big and small) will get up and go hunting.  I will stay home and finish the meal.  The turkey was put in very early this morning so it will be done in time.  All there is too do is bake the pie, and make the sides.

PM- We eat EARLY!  We will eat between noon and 1:00pm, then veg out and watch movies ALL afternoon!  Usually we pick a Thanksgiving or Christmas movie!  Home Alone is a nice tradition ;)

Evening - We eat Thanksgiving dinner again, just warmed up!

It took many years getting used to this day being just 'us', meaning my husband and my three sons.  We just moved to West Virginia (almost) 5 years ago.  My family (parents, sister and brother with their families) lives in Michigan and we rarely spend this holiday with them.  If they were here, we would still do this tradition, but together.  The meal makes me feel like we were all topgether  though.  This is the exact Thanksgiving meal I grew up eating all those years!  I learned all these great dishes from my mother.  I hope to pass on to my daughter in laws some day.

Enjoy your THANKSGIVING dinner and traditions 
with your family this year!

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