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Friday, November 9, 2012

Curriculum I use

I post a lot about different types of curricula and that is because there isn't one that is 'the best'.  You must try different ones and see which is best for your family.  I thought I'd post what I use and if anyone would like to add your comment or opinion you are welcome. 

This is just my current curriculum.  I do change it up a bit and due to TOS reviews I add, tweek and switch quite a bit.

For my 4'th grade son -

Math -
aBeka (5'th grade), Math Games in a Bag and misc. worksheets

Language /  Grammar - 
aBeka's Lang. A and Explode The Code 5 1/2

Reading - 
Samson's Classroom (online)

History - 
Story of the World series by Peace Hill and misc. textbooks

Science - 
Apologia's Zoology series and Science Experiments in a Bag

Bible - 
Apologia's Who Is My Neighbor?

For my high school son -

Math -
Teaching Textbooks Algebra I

English -
Daily Gram's, Easy Grammar Ultimate Series and Total Language Plus, misc. reading book w/ units.

Literature  /  Free Read -
Misc. series of books, his choice

History -
beautiful feet units and books and History books WWII era.

Biology -
Apologia's Biology text

Spanish -
Mango Languages (online)

Bible -
Apologia's Who Is My Neighbor?

Throughout the year if I see that my sons are getting bored with what they are doing, I just find something else that will interest them or let them take a break from whatever is boring them.  Although, my high schooler cannot do that with some subjects like Math and/or Biology, I try to find something that will keep his attention all year.  But if we do get the 'cabin fever' with what we are using, we just take a break. 

One suggestion would be to find something he/she does like and let him do just that for a while.  For example, if your son loves science and is getting bored with another subject like history, let him spend weeks on just science!  I wouldn't go too long without math, reading or writing though.  You don't want him to get 'rusty'. 

Last, you can try and introduce 'games' to your homeschool!  Even highschoolers love games!  My son, just this week, finished his Algebra lesson early and had about 20 minutes left for his time lot, so rather than start another lesson, he asked to play Sudoku!  That is a great mind challenging game for teens or high elementary age children!  My 4'th grades wanted to play Yahtzee one we did and counted that as Math for the day!  So go ahead, it's it up!

Happy Homeschooling!

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  1. I have to agree, it is ok for them to have fun and learn at the same time. Sometimes they just need to switch things up and make a subject fresh. One of the ways we do this is to use Spelling City. My daughter can study her spelling words through a number of games like hangmouse, wordfind, and letter fall. It beats writing spelling words over and over! Thanks for sharing! Happy homeschooling to you too!