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Friday, September 20, 2013


I thought that raising boys would be easier.  Easier than what?  I'm not sure.  When the boys were little it was diapers, feedings, rocking, and a whole lot of attention that they needed.  I am not by any means complaining.  I loved every stage of their lives.  That is, until the teenager.  I have two of these creatures.  I always thought that once I got out of the baby / little child stage that life would get easier.  You know, when they can make themselves a sandwich or cook themselves an egg or two if they were hungry. And of course pick up after themselves.  (I know those who have teens are rolling in the floor laughing-out-loud right now because anyone who has a teenager KNOW that they still don't pick up after themselves!) Oh that part is great, but the teenage years are NOT easier!  If anything, they are torture. 

I remember back to when I was a teenager and then remember a few things and decide not think back that far any longer.  I wasn't such a great teen either.  Hormones, attitudes, tiredness, and of course I knew everything.  So I pretty much got 2 of me.....but the male version. 

I can say however, that being a male teenager is a bit easier to deal with than the female teenager.  I don't have to deal with as many hormonal / physical attributes.  The 'know it all' is still there though.

I guess God didn't want my husband and I to raise any girls.  He gave us three sons.  I am grateful for each and every one of my sons.  They are all different. 

I have the oldest who is quiet, very very strong willed, a bit on the shy side, is 17 and still doesn't have his first girlfriend (I'm ok with that for sure).  He says that girls cost money.  He is a very smart kid - 4.0 gpa. 

My middle child is the funny, sarcastic, goofy, book lover (like his momma) and is not shy by any means.  He is also very smart.  The kid could read at age 4.

My youngest child is also smart, but very scatter brained, goofy, funny, and laughs about everything.  He has dyslexia, which has been a challenge for me to teach him.  So his reading isn't as well as it should be, but he is great in Math.  And he has the best sense of humor; he's a real riot.

The best thing about all my boys is that they all love the Lord.  That right there is how I know that my husband and I are doing ok and that we will live through the teen years.  The Lord is always here to help guide me in all we do.

Anyone have any 'input' on the teen years?  Please share.

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