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Monday, April 29, 2013

Homeschool in the Woods TOS Review

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in pdf format.

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CD $22.95
Download (pdf) $21.95

Recommended for grades: 3-8

What Is This? - 

This is a printable lap book that contains 22 different projects to do.  These projects go over important history events throughout the 20'th century.  Transportation, music, food, art, major movements, the stock market, are just a few of the projects in this package. 

Some supplies are needed for these lap book projects but they are pretty basic things you would have already in your home or office like pencils, glue, scissors, colored pencils or markers, file folders and/or a 3 ring binder for example.  

What you will receive for the download - 

Introduction and Directions- 
These pages supply instructions on how to assemble and use the product.

LapBook Project Masters- 
These are the 22 projects that you would print out and do.

Reading Text Pages- 
These are the reading pages.  You have the option of reading them off of your computer, or print them out in full page or mini-book.  Depending on the reading level and/or ages of your children, some may be able to read these themselves.

First, you would read the booklet (reading text pages), then you can begin to work on your projects.  Once those are completed, you then place them in your folders (aka lap book).

Below is a sample of the 'Movements That Made a Mark in History' project-

You have 4 movements to read about. (We printed out the mini book as seen below.)

You put together the little booklets, color them, and then place them on the template.  (This one is placed in the lap book already.)  

This lap book also has several additional resources that you can follow.  For example, there is a list of dozens of books to check out at your local library and even music recommendationsYou can really get deep into the study or just use the information provided.

How I Used the Product-

I used this with my 10 yr. old son several days per week.  I printed off the reading mini booklet and a few projects to start.  We read one section, and then completed that project.  We then placed that finished project in our lap book.  We chose to do it this way for a few reasons.  First, placing the projects in the lap book itself is the fun part for my son and it would take us too long to do ALL the projects before he got to the fun stuff. ;)  Second, we do many lapbooks during the year and this is how we have always done them.  So as you can see you can alter the process to fit your homeschool needs.  We didn't use the other resources provided, we found that what came in pdf format was enough for us.

We are still working on this lap book and this picture below is one of the projects we are looking forward to doing.  

It's the 'Art Movements of the Modern Era'.  (This is a photo of what the finished project will look like.)

What My Son(s) & I Thought-

My youngest son loves lapbooking and he really enjoys the hands-on learning style.  He liked assembling the different projects (they are very unique), and he found them fun and challenging.  I did however feel that the reading was way above his comprehension level.  While reading the mini book to him, I had to stop several times and explain what I was reading about.  I feel that it should be geared more to middle school and jr high level.  The positive to this is that I did find that the reading had wonderful and very important historical events that all children should not just read, but take in & memorize.  I discussed several of these with my younger son and explained them in detail.  It was good conversation and opened great teachable moments for us. 

I had my high schooler do a few of the projects and he found them very interesting and he even got creative and mixed the assembly of this lapbook up a bit.  He had no problem comprehending the reading and enjoyed it.

The lap book instructions were a bit confusing for me to follow at first, but once I read through a few times, I understood it.  But in all fairness, this lap book is definitely more advanced then any lap book we have ever done.  With it being way over my sons comprehension level, I would feel confident using this in a few years with him again, while in middle school.

Overall, it is a very good study 'in-depth' study for the 20'th century era. 

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