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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring time is learning time

Spring time is finally here!  I was beginning to think that it wasn't going to make it this year.  The beautiful 'Wild & Wonderful' West Virginia has had several days of 80 degree weather!  L O V E   I T !

This is a great time to teach your children botany / flowers.  There are so many things blooming.

Here are a few things to teach your children, yes even young ones.

* the difference between annual and perennials

* what type of bed is good - "Make Your Bed" will have a new meaning ;)

* which flowers need more sun than others and how to find out

* what kind of insecticide is good / natural pesticide vs. chemical

Let's face it, kids LOVE to get dirty.  They love to play in the dirt, mud and water.  So slap on the sunscreen and go to your local garden center (my favorit is Lowe's) and start planting!

Disclaimer:  All is my own opinion.

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