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Monday, April 22, 2013

Tell your children you love them......everyday.

Life throws curve balls.  We need to make sure our kids feel secure when the curve ball crosses the plate.  Maybe your phone bill came and you are worried because it was too high.  Well, kids don't know whether you are struggling with money, or just upset that the bill is high.

We struggled financially years back but my kids always knew that we loved them.  We can't always hide our problems from them.  We can try, but things get overheard, or they can just feel tension.  I always assured them that the Lord God will supply all of our needs.....and he has.  We may not live on a huge ranch or in a glamorous mansion, but he has supplied ALL of our needs.  My husband has a wonderful job, my children have what they need, and we are healthy.

We also pray and support missionaries.  My children learn about what it is like in other countries.  How some don't know where their next meal is coming from and they can't claim to the love the Lord publicly.  We thank our Lord for what we have daily in our lives.  We also pray for those who don't.  God hears every prayer that we pray.  I hear my boys tell God that they love him......and it makes me smile. 

So tell your children that you love them daily.  They may say, 'I know mom'.  But you've planted that 'I Love You' deposit in them daily.  It builds up ........... and they know that you love them.

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