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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Home Economics with construction?

We have been doing some construction in our house lately.  My high schooler enjoys doing this kind of work but I was reluctant at first due to his schooling.  Being in high school he needs to earn a certain amount of credits in order to graduate.  But after thinking about it, I decided that Home Ec./construction is very important as well.  He is earning credit hours in this course already this year, but this would definitely be a learning experience!

In the picture above, my son is helping us build a homeschool / office area onto the back of our home.  He learned to use the nailgun to nail the flooring boards in place.  He also has been been learning to paint, lay paper under the hardwood floor.  He even has helped install our hardwood flooring! 

Even my younger son helped with re-building our stair railing upstairs!  They both worked together as a team and accomplished the job!

I am so proud of them.  I know I made the right decision on letting my high schooler participate instead of sitting at the table doing his bookwork!  He has learned more in one week than he would have in a whole semester in public school shop class! 

And as far as my younger son, he is learning so much at such a young age! 

I am so proud of both these boys and how hard they worked and how much pride they took in their jobs!


  1. You are doing an amazing job!! Your children are lucky to have you for thier teacher. I love your site, its amazing!!

  2. Thank you Christy! I'm glad you enjoy it!