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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No grumbling or complaining!

I teach a children's ministries class (ages 3-7yrs. old) on Wed. night at our local church.  The lesson for tonight was from Philippians.

Philippians 2:14
"Do all things without murmurings and disputings."

We (including myself) forget that this does include adults.  ;)
I for one am a complainer at times.  I do not like to be cold for example, so when our house is chilli, I start complaining.  Recently I have been catching myself and stating aloud the positives of the situation.  I come up with them and then thank the Lord for them.  Just tonight, when I was chilli, confessed with my mouth to the Lord, "Thank you Lord for my warm home, bed and pillow to lay my head".  This helps remind me and my children on how we need to be thankful for what we DO have instead of what we do NOT have. 

Here are a few I have been dealing with lately.

Complaint:                                                                 Thankful for:

My emergency / spare cash is getting low.                    I HAVE an cash fund.
I didn't get through our homeschool lessons today.      I am able to homeschool.
My closet is too full and small.                                      I have lots of clothes wear.
My laundry is backed up.                                             I have loved ones living me.
I hate doing dishes.                                                       I had food to eat today.

See, it's not very hard once you get in the routine of it.  

So my challenge for you this week is for every complaint or negative in your life, exchange it with a positive and thank the Lord God for it!

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