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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The egg slam!

Well, it was that time of year again.  Our local library celebrated our "100'th Day of Homeschooling Celebration".  This is our third year doing this event and my 9 yr. old always does some kind of project.  This year we decided to do an experiment.  He didn't want to do any of the talking so the wonderful mom I am (who by the way....absolutely hates public speaking) did the talking for him.

We took 2 zip baggies.  One baggy we placed a raw egg in and zipped it closed.
The other baggy we placed an egg, filled with water, and then zipped.  The experiment is to show how God made our brains and skulls with lots of protection.  He placed liquid between our brain and our skulls so it can absorb any hard blows we may endure.  How genius is our Lord?  He is amazing! 

I explained this to the group of children, then my son took the baggy with the raw egg in it and slammed it on the ground!  Of course this egg is supposed to break showing that without liquid between our brain and skull, our brains would be hurt, bruised, etc.  Well, for those who don't know my son...he is an extreme handful!  lol.  He, so very 'He-Man' like, not only smashed the egg, but the baggy broke!  We had egg all over the floor.  Yes, this is my life....everyday. 

Then, my son took the other baggy with the egg & water and slammed it to the ground!  Again, the baggy broke on impact but this time the water was spilling everywhere. Now, the mom that I am, made some provisions in this experiment that I didn't let my son in on.  I boiled that egg to make sure the experiment would flow correctly.  So when the egg didn't break everyone was in ahhhh.  At that point, my 'He-man' like son grabbed the egg and says, "Hey, this is boiled"!  Yep, I was busted. 

The experiment ended up working out just fine and the kids got a good laugh, but this is my life with my 9 yr. old.  It is always full of surprises, excitement and un-deserved stress.  I love him dearly.  He keeps me on my toes all the time.  He is like no other, and I love him completely!

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