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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My top choices for elementary curriculum

There are so many choices of curriculum out there and so many good ones!  This is great, but it just makes it that much harder to choose.  So 'word of mouth' and 'reviews' are a great way to help you decide.  Just keep in mind that one curriculum may work for one family, but not work so well with another.  So first decide what it is that your family needs.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I need a curriculum that is one on one or more independent work?

Do I want a boxed curriculum?  (Something that all subjects are from the same vendor with teacher editions and possibly lesson plans.)

Do I want to put together my own (with worksheets, books and the internet)?

Do I want hand-on interaction?

Do I want some with little prep time for the me, the teacher?

These are all valid questions to consider.  Also remember, these answers may change as your children grow and change.  For example, my youngest is in 4'h grade and we still work one on one almost the entire school day.  We sit at the kitchen table and work together.  My older son (who is in high school) works independently up in his bedroom.  He has his schedule and he knows what he must accomplish daily.  So make the decision on curriculum for one year at a time.  You may be surprised and realize that the 'free' online stuff works better than the expensive boxed material!

Here are my top choices for my 4'th grader-

English / Grammar -

aBeka - Language A

EPS - Explode the Code

I also use Free printable worksheets on the internet.  For example, EPS (web site above) has sample worksheets to download.  I use these a few times per week.

Math -

Misc. worksheets on the internet.  Surprised?  I printed out a 'scope & sequence' for 4'th & 5'th grade Math requirements and find worksheet to fit.  I give my own lessons.  Here are some sites I use for Math: 
This Math mammoth above, you can purchase pfd workbooks.  But they do offer free downloads as well.

Science -

Apologia - Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day
History / Geography -
Highlights 'Which Way USA?' series

These booklets are great! Each state has a separate booklet with a fun map to follow and puzzles to figure out. 

Reading / Spelling -

Samson's Classroom - online program
We also get misc. reading books from the library.  We are now reading "Where the Sidewalk End" by: Silverstein

Bible -

Apologia - 'Who Is My Neighbor?'

An online teacher resource -

I hope this blog helped with some curriculum decision making.  Goodluck & God bless you and your homeschool family!

Disclaimer: All these products and websites listed above, are used in my own personal homeschool.  I did not get paid any money in exchange for listing them on my blog. All opinions are mine.

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