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Thursday, January 3, 2013

4 days of school per week instead of 5? Hmmmm

I am seriously thinking that we may change our homeschooling to 4 days a week for this second semester.  We have very busy weekends lately and we seem to have no downtime.  Saturday we have basketball (starting this week) in the middle of the afternoon.  Whenever we have things in the middle of the day, nothing gets done in my house, especially laundry!  Then Sunday of course is church, the Lord's instructed day of rest.  Unfortunately, last Sunday I found myself doing laundry all afternoon, so much for my day of rest... sigh.  Mondays seem to be the worst for us.  We just cannot get motivated.  We often have a church activity on Sunday nights or birthday parties, etc.  So Monday may be a good day to rest.

I know many of you already have a 4 day homeschool week, leaving the 5'th day for projects.  This may also be an option for us to consider.  If we could rest in the morning on our "5'th" day of homeschool, we may be able to do a FUN project after lunch.

Going to the library and doing errands really messes up our school day as well.  This may be something we can often put on this "5'th" day to protect our 4 other days for 'real' schoolwork.

I am trying to figure out how this will work with my high schooler's schedule.  With credit hours being acquired, this may be a challenge.  So first, I will calculate all his credit hours and see where we stand being at the end of our semester.  If we are ahead of the game, we may be able to do the 4 days a week with out any school work for the 5'th day giving us a week day of rest; which will be MY day of laundry and cleaning.  But at least I'll have my Sunday to rest.  If we are at 60 hours calculated, we may have to adjust our schedule for allotted time for certain subjects in order for change to the 4 days routine.  Also, that 5'th day would work great for biology experiments!

Anyone have any comments about the 4 days a week homeschooling?  I'd be very interested in feedback!

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