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Friday, September 28, 2012

Box of I.D.E.As WWII Pearl Harbor - TOS REVIEW

 Box of I.D.E.As
World War II Pearl Harbor

Box of Ideas: World War II Pearl Harbor
Actual Box - $79.00  SKU17622
extra modules - $4.00  SKU17624
PFD - $49.00  SKU17623
Recommended for ages 9-16 yrs. old   

What is this?

This is a box filled with information about World War Two Pearl Harbor.  Not just the events that happened during the war, but the events that led up to it and everything that came after.  This is a detailed exploration of the World War II Pearl Harbor.

Included in this Box of I.D.E.As WWII Pearl Harbor -

10 Modules:

Before Becoming A Base 
Beginning of a Naval Presence
A Week Before the Attack
Day of Infamy
Day After the Attack
Weeks After the Attack
Six Months After the Attack
A Year After The Attack  
Victory Over Japan
Decades After the Attack

In each Module there is a game and/or activity, worksheet and reading sheet.  The reading sheet has a few paragraphs of reading which is the lesson for the module.  The worksheet describes the activity and/or game which is going to be done, and each module has a worksheet for the student to do to put in their portfolio.  The answer key is also included.

We received the physical box to review.

The student can take this box on the go very easily.  There are several activities like puzzles, games, etc. to do as well. 

For example, the worksheet my son has in front of him (in the picture above) is one about pearls.  The activity is to measure each one of the pearls on the worksheet.  The cards he has in his hands are the photo cards for the game.  This is the Before Becoming A Base Module.

Each module is enclosed in it's own sealed bag so they are all separated for you ready to use and very organized!

Extra modules can be purchased for $4.00 each if you have more than one child using the modules or they can share.  It is also reusable.

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What I thought-
This would be great for homeschoolers on the run.  It has everything you need in the box already.  You just grab the box and go, once you have skimmed through it.  It would be wise to go through and cut the pieces of paper that need to be cut and maybe pack some pencils and a clipboard for easy writing.  It is also good for multi-grade teaching.  If you have a large family this would be excellent.  This kind of reminded me of a boxed unit study.

We set aside one hour per day for each Module.  You could stretch this time span and go into more depth with the each module if you wanted.  Some days, I read the information and then played the game or did the activity with my son.  Other days he did it on his own.  So the student could work on this independently if they are disciplined and old enough to do so. Possibly an older sibling could take control and do the lesson with the younger ones as well.  Very little teacher prep time is needed, which is great! 

My son (who is 13) used this box.   We really didn't care for it very much.  Even though there is a lot of information in this box, we actually found it a bit boring.  But in all fairness we are NOT big history buffs.  I guess I expected more colorful pictures, maybe some fun crafts, etc.  But like I said, it was very informative so for someone who likes to study the WW and who likes history, I'm sure they would like this.   We plan to try another topic this year; something we are more interested in. 

I also would like to mention that with some history curricula, that I have used in the past, do not explain what came before the major event like this one does.  It is gives you a perspective on what the timing/place was like before the event.

So I would recommend this to all the WWII buffs.....this is definitely your cup of tea! :)

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

To see what other TOS Crew members thought on this item as well as the PDF version, click below.


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