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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Home economics day

What an awesome home economics school day yesterday!  Started out by taking the boys strawberry picking.  (They also had a free lesson on how to ask for direction when you can't find your destination as well.)  We picked about 17 pounds of strawberries in 10 minutes.  We had a blast!  It took longer to drive there, than to pick. 

When we got home, they helped me wash, trim, cut, mash, add sugar and put them in freezer bags. 

I think they realize now just how much work is involved in their 'strawberry shortcake'.  We didn't make homemade shortcake though.  I was just too beat.  We not only did the strawberries, but we made two loaves of banana bread for my father in law, two desserts to go with dinner for a family who's mother just died, and then of course the clean up. 

This is a homeschool day the boys will never forget.  These are the days that remind me why I homeschool.

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