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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Curriculum expense

I cannot get over how expensive curriculum is now a days.  I am at the end of my 8'th year of homeschooling and the price is going up every year.  I know my children are getting older and older students require more work, text, etc. but I am still amazed.  Some have a good return policy I'm sure.  But the big problem is that you may not know if it works for your family until you try it for a few months.  By then you have already spend a fortune and you are stuck with it until you can find someone to buy it from you.  

My oldest doesn't like History, but he loves to read..... perfect.  So this year I am going to have him read (most Newberry award metals) from a list from a certain curricula I have used in the past (his age level of course).  Most of these books are FREE at the library by the way.  I can question him on these books and what he has read myself.  I am lucky that 2 out of my 3 boys love to read.  I'm working on the 3'rd :)

I am also so excited about being on the TOS CREW!  I can't wait to try some new History curricula through them as well.  I am always open to new suggestions or ideas from others.

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  1. Have you looked at Ambleside Online? It's a free curriculum, many of the books needed are free online. We have been using it for the past year and love it.