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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Does your child LOVE to read?

It is finally raining here in West Virginia.  We need it really bad.  These are the days when I want to just relax, in front of the fan and read a good book.  These are also great days for our children to read.  Teaching them early to LOVE to read is important.  You can possibly be poor at History, Science and even Math and it not affect you like being poor in Reading. 

A good student starts with being a good reader.  Now a days they can find anything they need to know on the internet.  But what would happen if the internet was no longer available?  Easy, find a library and read. 

Challenge your kids.  Give them 3 questions and tell them to find the answer by using any book source.  NO INTERNET!  Have them write the answers and which books they found them in.  Then, have them find the same answers to those questions on the internet.  Compare the answers.  We forget that the things that are posted on the world wide web may not be 100% accurate and some are  opinions.  I think the internet is a wonderful thing, let's just make sure our children can live without it if need be. 

Again, readers make better adults :)

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