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Thursday, October 18, 2012

What does your husband expect out of you and homeschooling?

Every homeschool mom has a different style of homeschooling their children.  Some like to stick to a schedule and some like to be more casual. 

I have a schedule and we TRY to stick to it ;)  Try of course being the key word there.  We seem to be up later this time of year due to soccer, church activities and the weather so sleeping in is a must. 

My husband has another outlook on our homeschooling.  He thinks that we should be up at the crack of dawn, at the table, working in our textbooks.  He works full time outside the home so he isn't here to see our real progress throughout the day.  When he does have a day off and we are homeschooling, we are a bit more relaxed because dad is home, which doesn't make my life any easier.  I explain to my husband that we get all our work done on time so I don't think his schedule needs to be put into force.  I do compromise though.  I make sure that school is finished by the time he gets home, dinner is on the table or at least cooking, and the house is clean.  No father wants to come home to utter chaos, a messy house and a kitchen table covered in papers, books and crayons!  So to keep him content this is the compromise I make.  I am not complaining by any means.  I AM home all day with the kids, and he is out working providing for our family so these compromises are not hard to do. 

They say that when momma isn't happy, nobody's happy.  Well, that goes for daddy too.  When my hubby comes in the door and sees all the books and homeschooling put away, the house clean and the smell of a good home cooked meal..... he is happy.  And it makes us happy that we please him.

What little things does your family expect out of you in your homeschool?

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