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Monday, October 15, 2012

Homeschool visit to the farm

This month our homeschool group went on a field trip to a local farm.  We had a great time.  We got to go through a corn maze.

This year the corn maze was in the shape of some spiders from the nursery rhyme 'Little Miss Muffet'.  We got to see the aerial view of the awesome!

We also got to pet and feed some goats.....

observe cows eating.....

and went on a cool hayride!  The farm is in Vincent, OH.  It was very reasonable in price.  For $5 each child (and adult) got to do the things above as well as tour the herb garden, and pick their own pie pumpkin out of the pumpkin patch! 

The weather was really good.  The beautiful fall colors, and the crisp air made this day perfect!

These homeschool days are days to cherish forever!  THIS is why we homeschool!  So our kids can learn and explore hands on.  To read things our of a book is good, but learning hands-on ...... that is why homeschooling rocks! 

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