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Friday, July 6, 2012

Lightning Lit & Comp Review


         Lightning Lit & Comp (third edition)
American Literature: Early-Mid 19th Century
Hewitt Homeschooling Resources
$29.95 student guide
$2.95 teachers guide

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to review this product. This product is a full year literature curriculum recommended for high school / grades 9-12. They do offer a junior high course as well. With this high school course your student will acquire college-level composition skills by responding to great literature. The student guide and teachers guide were both used in this review. There are four reading books needed for this course. They are not included, but can be purchased or can be found at your local library which is a free and easy source. A list of the required books are located in the front of the teachers guide for your convenience.

Photobucket The student guide is a nice 178 page softcover book. It has an introduction section for the student to read that explains why we need to learn how to write. It explains outlining and it talks about brainstorming, alliteration, simile, metaphor and vocabulary, just to name a few. It tells your student how to use this course and how to get the most out of it.

PhotobucketThe teachers guide is 56 pages that are stapled together. They three hole punched for easy use with a binder (not included). In the front of the teacher's guide there is an introduction on how to use this course. It explains each section: introduction, comprehension questions (which can be used as tests if desired), literary lesson and writing exercises. It has some discussion questions as well. This course gives grading tips and includes a check list to help with correcting the students paper. It also comes with a few point sheets (or grading sheets) to keep track of what percent/score to give for the papers, units and a final grade. These are reproducibles. Both of these books are reusable.
For this Early-Mid 19th Century, a few examples of books that were required were: 'The Autobiography (Benjamin Franklin) and 'The Scarlet Letter' by: Nathaniel Hawthorne. The course required the student to read, answer questions and then do a writing assignment. They broke the reading and questions up into parts. The child would read a certain amount of pages, then answer questions on that part before he went on to the next reading assignment. See example below.

Lesson plans are included in this course as well. But rather than daily plans, they are written as weekly lesson plans.

For example:

week 2:
*Read pages 89-180 and answer the Comprehension Questions.
*Read the Literary Lesson for Unit 1, Lesson 1.
*Choose one exercise from “Writing Exercises” for Unit 1, Lesson 1 and write at least a rough draft of your paper.

What I thought:

I really liked the 'weekly lesson plans' method. My son gets overwhelmed when our schedule gets interrupted, so this gave him an idea of what was expected for the 'week' and not 'daily'. He could look ahead and decide for himself what he needed to do and how much time he would need for his assignments. I feel that this not only helps to teach them responsibility but helps with time management skills as well. Something that high schoolers may need to learn for themselves. :)

I think that this course would work with an independent student as well as a group setting. My son is only thirteen (but doing high school work) and he didn't have any problems with understanding the dialog. So age modification is also an option.

I like that there wasn't a lot of teacher prep time required. I helped with any questions he had and corrected his work with the teacher guide. Instead of purchasing the books, I downloaded them to my Nook Tablet for easier access.

I would recommend this course to any student who loves to read. The writing makes the student think and they have a little bit of independence on what they write about. For example, the writing assignments give a few choices on what to write about so that the student isn't stuck writing about what exactly is requested. My son liked having that choice.

I used the course pretty much like it is meant to be used, but I did alter the schedule a little bit. I allowed a few extra days for some reading or writing here and there depending on our schedules. Being flexible is a great quality in any course!

To see other reviews on this product, go to Schoolhouse Review Crew website.

Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.


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