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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Are you beautiful?

Before I get real with you on physical beauty, I want to touch base on natural / inside beauty.  We all have heard the saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and that is very true.  I have met some people in my lifetime who on the outside, first impression, are ordinary.  You know, not supermodel material, not ugly, just ordinary.  I would consider myself ordinary people.  Nothing stands out as gorgeous, just.............ordinary.

 photo e7883cc5-c32c-4fc4-80d1-3d378e3e7e4b.jpg

But as I got to know these 'ordinary' people I've come across, they are quite the opposite of ordinary, they are simple gorgeous!  Their attitudes, heart, kindness, and compassion makes them absolutely gorgeous.  You can meet America's top supermodel and think she is ugly because of her attitude.  (I'm not slamming America's top supermodel, I honestly don't even know who she is.  lol)  Beauty shines through your actions, your heart, your selflessness, and compassion for others.

Now I'm going to get real.  Vain.  Outside beauty.  Not what is in the inside, but the outside physical beauty.  

Everyone has that one thing (or a few things) about themselves that if they could change, they would.  Some change it, some hide it, some just deal with it and have low self esteem and never feel truly good about their appearance.  I have a few things I would change about myself.  First is my nose.  I don't like my nose.  I feel it's too big and I don't take good pictures because of it.  I also don't like the dark circles under my eyes.  (Those were inherited, I supposed my nose was too?) Now, I share this with you NOT to be lifted up by others or any other reason.  I have a point and I'll get to it soon.  ;)
The other thing, and the biggest thing, I am never happy with my hair for long period of time.  For those who know me, know this is right on and totally accurate.  I get a pixie, love it for a few months, then hate it.  I highlight it (myself), love it for a few months (sometimes only weeks), then dye it dark again. I've even had it bleached professionally before.  (Sorry the pic is really bad.)

 photo 9a82ffc9-2a4c-4398-8c82-0dd7a3506aab.jpg

I loved it that way, but it really damaged my hair.
I get it cut again, then I grow it out, love it for a while, hate it and cut it again then complain that I shouldn't have cut my hair.  

 photo IMG_20150303_093623_340.jpg

This is me.  This is how I've always been.  I've never happy with my hair.  Now, this is not a spiritual thing.  I am grateful for my hair.  Going through breast cancer last year, I am blessed not to have had to do chemo and lose my hair.  THANK YOU LORD!  I just feel better about myself when I have 'nice' hair.  

So, here is my point, yes, finally getting to it.  If you don't like something about yourself change it!  If you don't like your eyebrows, pluck them.  If you don't like your weigh, try to lose it.  If you don't like your nails, paint them.  If you don't like your eyes, find make up tips to change them.  If you don't like your hair, change it.  There is nothing wrong with making changes to yourself to feel more confident as long as you are doing it for YOU, not someone else.  Now I can't have a nose job done so I will do what I can and change my hair.  I started wearing wigs.  Yes, wigs.  I've done some research and I can buy a nice wig less than I can go and get a haircut.  Yes.  It's true.  So at first I thought to myself 'what will people think?'.  I did get a few weird looks at church last Sunday morning, but you know what, people get their hair frosted, dyed, extensions put it, gray covered up, permed and straightened so why not just wear a wig?  You can change your hair style anytime you want or change up your color any time you want and you don't damage your natural hair in the mean time.  In the past I have bleached my hair, messed up my hair, fried my hair, you name hair has been through it.  It heals itself and gets healthy again, but lately my hair isn't as thick.  It doesn't feel the same.  I don't know if its the Tamoxifen (cancer medication) or if it's just my age, but it's just not the same.  I'm not happy with it so I decided to do something about it.  

So here it is.  The wig I have been wearing.  I matched my natural color (without the gray, lol).  (I do need to darken my eyebrows though.  My eyebrows are thin so I color them in, but I think they need to be a bit darker.)  

 photo 20161027_125314.jpg

I ordered another one from ebay and it should be here soon.  It's very long and curly.  I'll post a pic below when I get it.  

Like I mentioned above, it's cheaper than going to get your hair trimmed!  The average wash, cut (trim) & style is about $30 plus tip now and that is on the conservative side!  That doesn't include highlights, color, or extensions.  I just read a post on facebook and read that some women pay $150 to get their hair done.  If that is you, I'm not judging.  If it makes you feel better about yourself and you can afford it, go for it!  But I cannot afford that.  (Even if I could, I probably wouldn't.  I'm pretty cheap.)  

So if there is something you don't like about yourself, CHANGE IT.  You'll feel more confident and happy.  Pamper yourself.  And as far as the haters go (whether it be wig haters, make up haters, fake nail haters, etc)........who cares what they think?!  I only care about what my God thinks first and foremost and then my hubby.  That's it.  Feel better about yourself and go for it!

***UPDATE***  Here is my new hairdo!  

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