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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pathology report is in .....

My nurse called today and the good news is ................... NO cancer found in ANY of the lymph nodes that they removed!  Also, NO cancer found in the margin where they removed the tumor!  That means no more surgery and possibly no chemo.! The not-so great news is that the tumor size was thought to be a 1.5 cm, but it was actually 2.1 cm.  That shoots me up to a T2 grade.  The T grades are:  T1 = 0.1 - 2.0   T2= 2.1 - 5cm.  So I am just a smidge into the T2 grade, in my opinion.  

I am really praying that the Oncologist, whom I see next week, doesn't leave the Chemo. decision up to me.  Who chooses to do Chemo right?  Well, I have been told by a very wise woman who has been through this that I need to do what they recommend.  I don't want that decision up to me.  Is that wrong?  I am not a good one to make decisions anyway.  I have a hard time and often second guess myself.  I am going to pray, of course, for wisdom from the Lord to help me in the decision making part.  Honestly, I don't think chemo. would be recommended with the BRCA 1 & BRCA 2 being negative, no cancer in the lymph nodes and no cancer in the margin or found anywhere else.   But the Oncologist takes all kinds of things into consideration such as: my age, % of recurrence, tumor grade, cancer stage, my health, etc.  So I'll know more next week but for now I will REJOICE!

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