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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oncologist visit post op surgery

So I made it!  Back to the Oncologist after surgery visit.  Things went well and learned something new.  I'm not out of the chemo. woods yet.  
I was cheery, and positive in my thinking that no chemo. would be needed but apparently cancerous tumors create genes while inside our bodies.  I say this next part half jokingly- Please don't judge me.  I knew nothing about cancer until I was diagnosed and I am FAR from any expert for sure!  But I really would like to know where in the world I was when this information was first told to me.  ????   Seriously.  Was I in lala land?  For those that have been in this situation (with cancer), there is so much information given to you at these appointments that it is nearly impossible to remember all of it. So somewhere along the line, my husband and myself, missed that memo about tumors creating genes.  

Anyway, as you know my BRCA1 & BRCA2 tests both came back negative.  So when the Oncologist was talking about 'genes', I associated that with the BRCA's.  After correcting me and explaining this to me, he goes on further to tell me that "we only get one chance at beating this cancer".  Um, ok.  I thought I was beating it.  But apparently these genes stay inside my body after the cancer is removed.  So here I am again, thinking I am out of the chemo. woods on my way to the radiation trail to open fields.  No, I'm not......not yet.

So he ordered something called an Oncotype test.  This test will determine how much the risk of recurrence of this breast cancer.  I read a brochure about this and I was very impressed that our technology has come this far.  (Again, please don't judge.  I really haven't lived on a deserted island somewhere.)  For more info. on this test, click the link below.

The Oncotype test will result in a score.  A low number would mean that chemo. wouldn't benefit due to a low recurrence.  A high number would mean that chemo. would benefit due to high recurrence percentage.  An intermediate would mean the doctor and I must decide if the side effects from the chemo. would out weigh the benefits.  Sigh.  

I am glad that my doctor ordered this test.  He wouldn't have ordered if I said NO chemo. for sure, but what good is going to a doctor if you don't take his advice or take advantage of this research and testing/technology?  I know sometimes doctors don't know what is best.  Trust me, I am one of those who don't go to a doctor or take medicine unless I absolutely need to!  I don't even like taking Tylenol for a headache for goodness sake. However, I DO believe that God gives these men and women wisdom to fight and help cancer patients.  I DO trust God in giving me a clear number from this test.  I DO trust that God will give me a clear treatment plan.  I DO believe that I will know EXACTLY how to go about fighting this terrible diagnosis and I DO trust that God will give MY doctor the wisdom he needs to suggest a treatment plan.  

One other thing is that due to my larger than calculated tumor size, I am now Stage IIa.  Go figure.

Though out this cancer process, I have heard several things such as:  'do natural things, not chemo.' or 'people get cancer because they have sinned'.  Yes, it's true..... I've heard it.  Some people are trying to help with suggestions of natural remedies while others are just spreading the lies from satan himself.  So take the good and throw away the bad.

I hope that blogging this information helps others who are going through this or those who are walking with a loved one through this.  I'm not fond of my cancer story being an open book but I feel the need to share. I have some pretty special ladies in my life who have shared with me and if it wasn't for them I would have never been prepared for all these steps and trials.  I believe God plants 'angels' in our lives to keep our spirits up, give us help, give us hope and to remember to trust in him.  

My next blog will probably be my treatment plan but I would really like to get back into my homeschool blogging with this new homeschool year creeping up so fast.  My middle son has now graduated homeschool and will be off to OVU in one month!  I only have one son (7'th grade) this next school year.  I am looking forward to our time together.

God Bless!

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  1. Oh my word, Tina! I'm so sorry that you've heard nonsense like cancer is caused by sin. We live in a broken, fallen world. That is why there is cancer and all the other diseases and evil. What a thing to say to someone in your position! Praying for clarity with these test results.