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Friday, November 8, 2013

The best job ever!

These are my perks of my wonderful job:

*  I can pray and praise the Lord during work

*  I get to sleep in

*  I get to choose my own hours

*  I get to play games with my children daily

 photo 101_8651.jpg

*  I get to plan out each and every day involving my children

 photo 100_5405.jpg

*  I get to stay up late and not have to worry about being tired in the morning

*  I definitely save money on work clothes

*  I can work in my PJ's if desired

*  I don't have to buy my lunch

*  I do not own an alarm clock

*  I spend time with my children every day

 photo 100_5524.jpg
*  I don't have to leave the house unless I'd like too

*  I don't have to do my hair and make-up daily

*  My pay is 100% invested in my children

working hard on our school work photo 100_2895.jpg

I love my job as a homeschooling mother!

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