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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Homeschoolopoly Game Review

 photo hsopoly_logo_800.jpg

I had the wonderful opportunity of receiving Homeschoolopoly Game in return for my honest review on my blog.

Price:  $24.99 each or buy 3 for $49.99!  
These make great gifts!

Recommended for ages 8 and up.  
*Although homeschoolers tend to be advanced, so ages may vary. ;)

For 2-6 players.

This is what is included in the game set:

game board
2 dice
Stacks of Books pieces
Keys to Knowledge pieces
stack of "Mercy" cards
stack of "Grace" cards
play money
6 tokens  (boy, girl, world globe, rocking chair, bicycle, and a dog)

 photo 101_8652-1.jpg

What Is This? -

This game is similar to the original Monopoly game which is how many years old?  Well, I remember playing the original game when I was a kid, which tells about how old I am, hee, hee.  But, this particular game is a little different.  It was created with homeschoolers in mind and has some pretty neat features. 

The "Mercy" cards & the "Grace" cards, that you may have to draw during the game, are pretty funny and realistic.  Here are a few below.

 photo 101_8711.jpg

 photo 101_8714.jpg

 photo 101_8715.jpg
Here is a favorite from each of the stack.  I love the HSLDA 'get out of court free' (shown above).

We all know that the library is a huge part of homeschooling so this one (to the right) hits home!

The real estate / properties are all of homeschool curriculum that were hand picked by the creator.  Some are very popular like these below.

 photo 101_8716.jpg

There are some that I have never heard of which is great.  Most homeschoolers are always up for new curriculum to try!

Here are some other great features of this game.  If you remember, the original game has hotels and houses to place on the 'property' after they are purchased.  Well, instead of the hotels, there are "Keys to Knowledge".

 photo 101_8717.jpg

Instead of the houses, there are "Stacks of Books".

 photo 101_8718.jpg

The concept of the game is pretty similar to the original as far as the playing rules.

What I Thought -

This game is awesome!  My son wanted to play this game EVERY DAY!  

 photo 101_8719.jpg

Some days he was the banker, which is so great for tweaking his math skills.  I am so glad that we found a game that is fun and educational.  I think that the 'Mercy' & 'Grace' cards are hilarious!  

This game is full of great colorful design with Christian (or neutral) curriculum companies.  I really liked that too.

So if you are looking for a family game to play on family night, I highly recommend this game!  

Changes are you know other homeschoolers and/or have families in mind that love to play games.  Christmas is coming up quick and this game would make an excellent Christmas gift; not to mention a great price!

All the opinions are mine from my personal experiences.  I was not paid in any way other than receiving the product to review.

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