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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Are you aware what your children are reading at school?

This subject has come up several times this week for me.  So I wanted to share not only my experience, but my thoughts as well.

First of all, we (as a society) wonder how in the world these teens and children can do the things they do.  From petty theft, molestation to murder, we hear this in the news almost daily and it's sad.  So lets take a look at something I found interesting.  

Here is my story.

Last year, my son, a junior, came home with a folder from his English class. It contained a list of books they were planning on reading for that semester. The holy spirit really grabbed me and told me to search through that folder. I did. The list of books were NOT literature to me. One book in particular was "Thirteen Reasons Why" by: Jay Asher. I went to the library, brought it home and read this book in a few hours. I couldn't sleep! I was so upset, I was shaking, crying, ...... even sick. 

The book is about a girl who kills herself. But beforehand, she gives 13 reasons (each fellow students) why she kills herself (recorded on cassette tape) and has it sent to each child. The book is filled with stories of losing their virginity in a hot tub at keg parties, pornography, sexual bullying, 2 girls making out, peeping-Toms masturbating outside while watching these girls and of course the language was terrible. The book even goes to explain the 'how to' kill yourself!  I tell you, I was physically sick knowing that my 16 year old was about to read this book. Then to top it all off, the girl describes why she chose the suicidal method she did. For example, shooting herself would've been too messy. I was up ......  all.... night .... long.

The next morning, I called the school and made an appt to see the principle that afternoon. I took the book with me and asked the principle if she has ever read this book.  She said no.  I then began to tell her what the book contained. Her response was, "Well, we can remove your son from the class if you want." I told her that NO CHILD should be reading this trash and other parents should know about it. Not to mention that with all the suicides happening with our kids this day and age, this is nuts to expose them to this book!  (2 weeks previous, there was a young man that took his life with a few other family members.) The principle told me she would take care of it and bring it to the attention of the 'overseeing English dept. head'.  She did, and the problem was taken care of. I did however call the president of the BOE and told her as well. She basically told me to 'hush' about it and it would be removed from the classroom asap. She explained how having this in the public could start people talking and of course we wouldn't want that.  (?)  

I never went public with this story, but I will tell you that if they hadn't stopped reading that book, I would've gone to the local newspapers!

I am still upset about it. To top it all off, I believe that the teacher of this class is bi-sexual. Which, that is his/her business.....outside the classroom. It doesn't matter to me if you are gay, straight or bi-sexual, that is something that he/she needs to take up with God. The sexual preference is no concern to me or my sons. But when you bring your propaganda to MY child's education.....momma bear is going to stop you in your tracks!

There were other books on that list I was not happy with. Such as "Catcher in the Rye" by: J.D. Salinger and "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time" by: Mark Haddon.  But these I could deal with.....unhappily.

I will not give the teacher's name, school name, or any other info. out about this.  I don't want to cause the school verbal harm.  There are several great teachers in the school, some friends.  The principle & BOE did take care of the problem.  

My point of telling this is that YOU need to know what your children are doing/learning in school.  Let's face it, these schools are ran by the government!  The same government that runs this country, is trillions of dollars in debt, and has legalized murder (abortion).  

I know I will offend some of you out there.  I don't mean to.  Like I said, my son is still attending.  Every parent has to make that choice (to choose their child's education) and that is how it should be.  Some parents cannot afford to homeschool or for other reasons are not able to.  I understand.  All I am saying is keep aware of what the government is teaching your children! (For record, I homeschool 2 of my 3 boys and if I could do it over, all 3 would be homeschooled.)

Discalimer:  All this information is my opinion.  Although my story is true, I wish to bring no harm to those who were involved. 

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