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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New homeschool year creeping up...

Summer seems to be coming to a close.  Our local public school starts later next week already!  I think schools are starting up earlier and earlier.

I decided to start my homeschool year AFTER Labor Day this year for the first time.  With summer still lingering, I plan to take my time and get things in order.  Yes, take my time.  I will not stress. :)

I also plan to start each and every school day with Bible first like I did last year.  Personally, when I start my day with prayer, I have a much better day.  Same goes for children and homsechooling.

I am excited for this new year.  New adventures are here......high school homeschooling.  Last year my son accomplished 9'th grade, not a problem.  But this year we start Biology.  Urgh.  I am not a science lover by any means.  But with Apologia's help, I will do my best and give it a shot.  Apologia has wonderful science texts so I chose their biology as well for this year. 

I came across an article about homeshcooling high school and it stated that one doesn't really have to teach high school at all.  You, the educator, guides your child and the child teaches himself.  This is an interesting concept.  I never thought of it that way before.  In REAL LIFE we don't have someone there to 'teach' us how to do everyday responsible things.  But we do need to know how to teach ourselves and train our selves to be responsible to finish the things that need to be done.  I was excited to read the article and it really inspired me and calmed my nerves.  I am just here to guide... sounds like music to my ears.  What I need to teach, I will.  But I know one thing, I will not worry.  Worry itself comes from Satan....and there is no room for him here in my life, home or our homeschool!

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