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Thursday, February 11, 2016

4 months of growing out pixie

Here's a 4 month update on growing out my pixie.  The last pixie trim/cut I had was in October.  I had the back trimmed up or 'stacked' yesterday so it's more manageable and I didn't want the 'mullet' look to start.

Here is the front view.  

 photo IMG_20160211_102457_330.jpg

I am almost to the point of calling it a stacked bob.  Yeah!

Here are the side views.

 photo IMG_20160211_102239_741.jpg  photo IMG_20160211_102228_796.jpg

Here is the back.

 photo IMG_20160211_102644_755.jpg

My goal is to get the back of my hair to my neck.  
Something like this pic (found on Pinterest) below.

 photo 99d6cb5536b15d3545226491cbb1b9ed.jpg

I really like this style below for the in between growth.  (Pic also found on Pinterest.)

 photo 5bc7d5cc7ea8d45cfdc58267b765e7af.jpg

It hasn't been easy to grow out this pixie.  Not because my hair grows slow (it actually grows very fast), but because I really do love my pixie.  I just want to be able to change up my style and put it up if I want.  Anyone who knows me, knows how I love to change my style.  I rarely keep a hairstyle more than 1 year.  ;)

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