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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

3 day dirty hair, yikes!

I know some may be thinking, 'How can she go three days without washing her hair?".  Well, I thought the same thing this morning.  

I woke up today with dirty, dirty hair.  I'm talking greasy, sticking up in places, crazy hair.  I figured I'd wash it but I went in the bathroom and just brushed it out really really good.  It honestly didn't look so bad after the brushing and I wasn't going anywhere today so I decided to leave it one more day and wash it on day 4. 

After I put my make up on, I went back to style my hair and I hardly had to do anything to it!  

 photo IMG_20160216_125850_769.jpg

I ran my fingers through it and then sprayed with hairspray.  It has a messy look to it and I love it!  It also has a lot of body and fluff. Even though it's really dirty, it doesn't look dirty.

 photo IMG_20160216_103756_066.jpg  photo IMG_20160216_103752_747.jpg

I did frost it myself 3 days ago (before washing) and I have noticed that when I have highlighted (bleach) product on it, it seems to be more full and manageable more so than when I just 'color' it.   I suppose it's from the bleach?

Anyway, I thought I'd share my experience with my doo.  ;)  Dirty hair isn't all bad.  

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